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Happy New Opportunity!

Every new year, and every new minute, brings a new opportunity to the table. We are taking these few minutes to thank our friends and customers for your support in 2012! If the smiling faces on our photo gallery pages are any measure of our success, we feel really blessed! We sincerely hope we have helped to make a positive difference and enhanced your life, in a good way, this past year!

RideSouth will grow this year! Lane and I are thrilled to have the support of Mr. Billy and Captain Johnny in the shop! It means everything to have the right personnel to implement growth plans, and expand our cycling and kayaking family! We are continually planning on having products, events and educational opportunities to help you grow too! Stay tuned for the best year yet, one minute at a time!

RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride in 2013 . . . and beyond!

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