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Got a minute?

Time: How much do you have . . . really? Of course, none of us know the real answer. Placing a laminated copy of my Medicare card in my wallet gives some perspective though. And remembering Dad’s sudden heart attack at age 77 adds to the calculation. Lottery winners stand to win millions of dollars, but there is no time lottery to win (except in the movies). What would you pay for that valuable minute that was unwisely used, or not used at all? We all have had them.

This is less of a treatise on using time wisely that it is on putting a high value on each minute. Often, we hear customers use the phrase “killing time”. Ouch!! How about “gaining perspective” instead? Seems less deadly. Just a minute, or two, of full attention . . . by all of us, can go a long way toward fulfillment. An extra minute from a motor vehicle driver can mean years added to a cyclist’s life even. How is that for value!

So if you have a minute, or multiple thereof, and if you choose to spend it with us, we will do our best to make it your most valuable minute ever! We care about making a positive difference in the lives of our customers, and we are understanding more each day about the value of our health, and the value of the minutes we have. Maybe because we have less of them, minutes seem more valuable. The truth is, at any age, one minute can change your life forever!