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Are you fortunate enough to remember the game of marbles? Not the video game, the real game played outside in the dirt. The object is to hold a “shooter” marble in your crooked index finger, and flick it with your thumb to knock opponents’ marbles out of a circle drawn in the dirt. Often you got to keep the marbles you knocked out, so the best strategy was to aim for the nicest prizes to claim as a keeper. Many of you may still have your prized keepers in a collection somewhere!

Today, you don’t see kids playing marbles, or even playing outside very much. Inter-personal relations consist of no-word texts and endless photos on electronic devices that are conceived and deleted in mere seconds. Even some adults do not embrace, or have forgotten the “keeper” concept. “I just want to get in at entry-level to see if I like it” is a phrase we hear often in the shop.

Well, we believe when you are investing in a vehicle that you will become “one” with, you should test ride and accept advice from someone who has experience at providing bicycles and kayaks that are not throw-aways, but are keepers! Since the 1990s, RideSouth has the best record of providing keepers to our customers . . . who are also keepers! You keep coming back to us for more and we appreciate it!

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