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Natchez or Bust Ride Saturday!

Just a few folks going for a ride on the Natchez Trace. That is the theme this Saturday as we leave from the RideSouth shop, and make our way down the scenic Natchez Trace to the Natchez State Park. Lane will pilot the new Bus as a SAG vehicle if anyone needs supplies. At this writing, Rocky Springs is closed, so we will stop along the way to provide fuel and supplies for the small group of riders.

When we get to the State Park, we will load bikes up and go to the Magnolia Grille on the River and have dinner, while watching the colorful, hot-air balloons land all around. After dinner, we will transport riders and bikes back to the shop. The weather will be perfect with temps in the 60s and 70s with a slight tailwind! There is even an overcast sky forecast to save on sunscreen!

We will have to cover up our small logo on the bus, says the Park Ranger yesterday. We should wear bright colors, have working lights and abide by all the rules of riding on the Trace. The Trace is a wonderful asset which we cyclists are grateful for every day! Please do not abuse it! Safety is paramount!!

If you are interested in joining our small group, please call the shop to discuss. Even though tension is high and times are tough, we want to help provide some cycle-therepy to our friends. Our logo may be covered up temporarily, but we hope you remember. . . RideSouth is The Way to Ride!

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