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RideSouth Showcase Ride!

ANNOUNCING A NEW RIDE SERIES: The RideSouth Showcase Ride! Four times a year, RideSouth will host the Showcase Ride, showcasing one of our product lines. The Showcase Ride will include a buffet dinner at the RideSouth shop, on Friday evening prior to the Saturday ride event. On Saturday, ride leaders will escort riders on bike lanes and bike trails through the area, approximately 25 miles, or less. After the buffet dinner on Friday, an auction will be conducted to auction off a featured product from the manufacturer showcased for that event. Proceeds will go to a local charity.

There will be no charge for the Showcase Ride! RideSouth and the Manufacturer will pick up the tab! We will encourage principals of the supplier to show up for the event and answer questions from our customers about their products. We hope to have tee shirts to promote the ride and the products, too! We encourage ALL customers who have purchased the showcased product from us to ride it in the event to receive a free tee shirt! Customers committing to purchase one of our showcased machines on event day, will also receive a free tee shirt!

SHOWCASE RIDE: Greenspeed Trikes; December 6-7, 2013

Join us for the first Showcase Ride on December 6-7, 2013 at the RideSouth Shop! We are expecting Jerome Hediger to join us representing Greenspeed Trikes! The Friday dinner will be served at the RideSouth shop beginning at 6:30 PM. Beer, wine and ping pong action will rule the evening, so wear your tennis shoes and come for action! After dinner, we will have the auction on a new Greenspeed Trike (actual product TBA later)! Make your bid to save lots of money on a great product and have some fun in the process!

We will launch the ride about 8:00 AM on Saturday morning. The ride will be 11-25 miles on bike lanes and trails. Come have some fun on your RideSouth Greenspeed machine and get a free tee-shirt! Hot bread and tea will be served afterwards!

We hope you will make plans to join us for the launching of what could be a great series for us all! Whether you know already or you just want to see if all the hype is true, this is another great opportunity to experience that . . . RideSouth remains . . . The Way to Ride!!

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