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Thanksgiving 2013

BentLovers & Friends

First of all, the RideSouth shop will be closed from late Wednesday afternoon until Monday at 1:00 PM. This is the longest time we have been away from the shop, and it will be difficult! We are visiting family in Alabama, and that will be good!

Besides having family to visit in Alabama, and elsewhere, we are thankful this year for our extended family of customers and friends that has grown over the last fifteen years at RideSouth! We hope you will come by this week for some unadvertised specials we expect to offer to you the next three days! We have to make up for the time away, so don’t be shy about asking for deals on kayaks and bikes in stock!

Also, we are thankful for newfound help in the shop in the person of Mr. Chris Marble! You all know I need help, and Chris is certainly capable! We will have newly assembled bikes and trailers that you need to check out before they leave the building! Come by and say hello to Chris!

As always, we are working on some exciting events and projects! The next big event is the kickoff of the RideSouth Showcase Ride Series! For this inaugural event, we will have a representative from Greenspeed here on December 6-7. We plan to have a buffet dinner at the RideSouth shop beginning at 6:30 PM on Friday, December 6. Wear your tennis shoes and bring your checkbook, because we will have a ping pong challenge and auction off a new Greenspeed bike! We plan to donate proceeds from the auction to Batson Children’s Hospital, here in Jackson. Come back on Saturday for a fun ride on bike lanes and trails in the area, beginning at 8:00 AM from the shop. Ride distances may vary from 11-25 miles. For our customers showing up on our Greenspeed trikes, we have a cool “Show it Off!” tee shirt that is sure to be a big hit!

There is much more going on behind the scenes here at RideSouth that is sure to benefit you! We encourage you to sign up for our email, check our website often, and visit the store on a regular basis. We are here, only because of you, and we plan to be here for you! Thank you for your continued support and patronage! We will continue to work on projects and events that will continue to remind you to tell your friends, that RideSouth is . . . “The Way to Ride”!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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