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It happens every Spring. Trees bud and flowers bloom. The cold, gray skies transform to warm blue. New life begins.

RideSouth has survived fifteen Winters. Fifteen seasons of cold that kept many folks inside. Not everyone, just most. Our loyal customers have kept us alive . . . Thank You! Others are curious, and waiting.

The wait is over! Our Spring is here! We have prepared and we are ready! We have new bikes, cool kayaks, clothes and accessories. We have new personnel in the form of Clint and Chris, who are here to assist you! We have new events blooming also! The Showcase Ride Events begin February 28! The Signature Ride will be March 15-16. The New RideSouth bus will make this popular ride even better! Our Saturday Bread Rides have new pavement on the Round ‘th Rez route. What could be better for a cyclist than new, smooth pavement!

Yes, there are lingering signs of Winter still around. We know, however, that blooming happens, and it is beautiful! Come into the shop today and see us bloom. You might find that it is contagious!

RideSouth . . . the new way to ride!
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