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Free at last!

Free at last!

Like a bird caged up for the winter feels free as the door springs open, we are all ready to don shorts and escape on a bicycle somewhere! The somewhere, for this rider, will be the Longleaf Trace – Prentiss to Hattiesburg and back . . .10 AM, Sunday. Join us if you dare for a Springtime trike ride in the middle of February.

Remember, miles are your friend if you plan to do the RideSouth Signature Ride on March 15 and March 16, only four weeks away. You will need some time in the seat before the 227 mile weekend! We already have folks signing up to go both ways this year! Or just one way may be enough! Either way, it will be a great weekend. We will have medals for those folks leaving from the shop and tee shirts for the rest of the riders who sign up.

More on the Signature Ride later. Remember the Greenspeed Showcase Event will be February 28 and March 1. Please RSVP if you plan to make the auction Friday night so we can plan the food and refreshments. Bid on a brand new Magnum, with all the proceeds to go to Batson Children’s Hospital right here in Jackson! The Magnum is one of the coolest trikes ever! Show up with a RideSouth Greenspeed trike on Saturday for the 8:00 AM ride, and get a cool “Show it off!” tee shirt . . . free!

So, if you are feeling a bit confined, there is no better time to hop on your bike and feel the freedom of going somewhere nice under your own power! There is no license required, no gasoline, no noise, no restraints . . . just freedom. What could be better!

RideSouth – The Way to Ride!

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