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Are you any better?

Ever try answering the traditional question “How are you?”, with the simple phrase “Better, thank you.”? Most of the time that answer solicits a follow-up question like “Have you been sick?” The status quo being, well, the way it is, has been ingrained in us as normal, regular and routine. But, we have to ask ourselves occasionally is that really what we want . . . or can we get better?

Can our diet improve? Can we try different foods for an extended time and see if we are better? Can our exercise regimen be better? Can we try different sports or activities, and get better? How about our parenting skills? Can we perform better for our kids, spouses and our aging parents? And of course, our attitude. Can we approach every situation with a better attitude?

So, if you have addressed the all important, “Why?”, concerning your existence, then a next logical approach could be how to be better, we think. Of course, some may think they are good enough. Hard to argue the point with some. But we are enlightened when we see folks attempting to do, and be better all the time in every aspect of their lives.

At RideSouth, we strive to be better every day at helping our customers know about different ways to enjoy the outdoors more. We plan and implement events to motivate folks to participate in activities and better enjoy fellowship and fun experiences together. We seek out better products, and improvements for products and services we have.

We invite you to come to our shop and take home a new kayak or bicycle! We think you will be the better for it!

Thank You,
RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride

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