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Safety on the Natchez Trace

A simple, low cost solution:


Simply install this sign on the existing sign posts for the Natchez Trace at every entrance. This would REQUIRE that automobiles, recreational vehicles AND bicycles have white lights on the front and red lights on the back IN THE DAYTIME! Visibility will increase and accident rates will drop. This is a NO COST change for cars and a minimal cost for cyclists . . . and cheap insurance. Combo light kits that are visible for MILES in the BRIGHT SUNSHINE are available for less than $90. New batteries last all day and can be recharged with a computer. The few dollars for the signs can be recovered by citations given to offenders by Park Rangers!

We cycle and drive on the Natchez Trace weekly. The shadows make it difficult to see dark cars and dark jerseys, even with our rear-view mirrors. It seems folks will continue to drive and wear what they want, regardless of safety concerns. At least, a dark cyclist with good lights can still be seen by other vehicles. Also, driving with LIGHTS ON helps the motorist be aware that safety is a major concern on this fantastic asset we have in Mississippi and Tennessee called the Natchez Trace!

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