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Scary Business

Scary Business

Lately, there have been a number of things in the news that might cause extra concern for some, maybe a little fear even. Deadly viruses seek new hosts, terrorists continue to go berserk and dangerous drivers act criminally.

Reactions, or pro-actions, to these concerning conditions and situations vary. Being a business person, we choose to be proactive about business concerns we might have. For example, we realize it can be scary for folks to leave our shop and enter Old Fannin Road, on a bike or even in a car! The two-year road construction project on Old Fannin has given us concerns about our business, for sure.

So, to be proactive, we are offering a REALLY SCARY SALE, right up to Halloween!! We are discounting ALL 2014 bikes and kayaks! Some prices are right down to, or below our cost! That is scary for us, but good for you! We also have used bikes and kayaks that need to go, so make us an offer! We HAVE to make room for 32 new kayaks and more new trikes coming in the next two weeks!

Now, we are sure business will pick up when the road work is finished. We feel confident that cycling activity will increase exponentially when folks soon see the new bike lanes appear on the road, adjacent to our shop. To deal with some of the other concerns, we wash our hands after greeting every customer, and we are diligent about observation and protection. When riding, or driving, we are extra careful about the many distracted drivers out there. That’s how we choose to handle scary situations in our small world.

Outside, there is a huge, wonderful world (outside of your cell phone!) waiting to be noticed and experienced! All of the senses can be engaged on a bike, or in a kayak! Riding and paddling is therapeutic on every level! So we urge you to take some action now, not from fear, but to have fun! View your world as a positive place and you will enjoy it more . . . we are positive!

Look for the scary witch hanging in the shop! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Ask us about a special ride this weekend and join us for Saturday Bread Rides beginning at 8:00 AM (for ALL levels)!

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