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We all have it. Some live in it, some make it. History was not a favorite course in school, but we tried to avoid repeating it. Our teachers said we should learn from it, but we wanted to focus on the present – or sometimes, the future. The future seemed so exciting, so pliable, so challenging! History seemed so dull, so fixed, so unchanging.

Our first Recumbent Rally and Convention is now history. It is what it was and that is all. If you missed a session or two of the eleven sessions, or if you missed the entire inaugural event, we are sorry. We have many photos of the history making that we have accumulated. Perhaps you would like to see them here. More importantly, perhaps you would like to begin planning for a future event!

If you have ideas, beyond the obvious of more folks helping and doing all the things that needed doing, please let us know. Future events can include kayaking as well. The recent Hobie SAIL event planning session included a great route up Pelahatchie Creek, a stop at the Trading Post and a leisurely sail back along the south shore of the bay. An awesome day on the water through a diverse landscape right here in our back yard! Here are a few photos from the trip. We hope to have the event sometime in June. Let us know if you are interested.

Yes, we like to think of the future. We like to plan and create. We sell bikes and kayaks of the future. We search for new products, for new meaning. We look forward to tomorrow and what it will bring. History is fine, and necessary. But we get more enjoyment in making it, not living in it. Come to RideSouth and see what we mean!