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What’s New?

We love it when our previous customers come into the shop and ask what is new! It is always great to see you again when you come in and we will always strive to have an answer or two for you! Here are just a few new items in the store for you:

We have a couple of the ever-popular Greenspeed Magnums in the third primary color – Yellow! A bestseller with a new, fresh look! Of course we have the blue and red Magnums as well.

How about our first electric Greenspeed? Plenty of power and reserve for your commuting or hill riding adventures! We have the Golden Motor system on a small frame GT-1 for you to try if you dare!

We have our next batch of the fast-selling Catrikes arriving soon! The folding Trail and folding 559 have been very popular with the mobile crowd. But then we are all part of that group, aren’t we? We have all the other Catrike models on the floor, including a beautiful silver 700, dubbed the “Silver Bullet”!

We have a really cool Berkel Bike which works as a hand cycle, or foot cycle. Great for special needs, as the seat height is wheelchair height. Hase and Greenspeed also make terrific hand cycles. You can test ride most of them here!

We have a good selection of used two-wheeled recumbents on hand. Try a used RANS, Cycle Genius, Lightning, or Bacchetta bike on for size. You will be glad you did! We even have a used Hase Kett Wiesel on the floor!

The Fuji Barnebey is the best cruising bike we have had! It has tons of cool features and is less than any other foot-foward bike! Makes a great Father’s Day gift! Come by and test ride one today!

We still consider the Evoke Kayak line new as they were only introduced this year. They are beginning to sell because of their superior quality and low price point. The roto-molded Evokes will become more popular as the weather heats up, so get yours now!

The coolest fishing boat we have seen is the new Hobie Pro Angler 17 Tandem! What a great way to celebrate the Fourth on any body of water you choose! We have one left for your holiday adventures! We will have new PA-12s and PA-14s coming in THIS WEEK!

Every day is a new day to begin your fitness regimen. But, you will continue it only if it is fun! At RideSouth, we provide fun to our customers in many ways. Come by and see why RideSouth is still . . . The Way to Ride!

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