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Sumrall Summit – November 7

Sumrall Summit

Calling ALL cyclists! Join us for the Sumrall Summit on Saturday, November 7 in Sumrall, Mississippi! Sumrall is located on the beautiful LongLeaf Trace, between Hattiesburg and Prentiss. Expected launch times are around 10:00 AM. Distances will vary from 1 mile to 82 miles, so there is NO EXCUSE for anyone, on any bike, to pass this up!

We will have the RideSouth bus and trailer available for transport ($10) from the RideSouth shop at 7:30 AM Saturday morning. Please arrive early (7:00 AM) if you are transporting your bike. There is limited space available on the bus, so make your reservations and payment early! The bus will leave no later than 5:00 PM to return to the shop. There is plenty of parking at the Sumrall Gateway for your vehicles if you wish to meet us there.

The Summit is simply a get-together to ride the LLT. Lunch is on your own and there is no fee or tee-shirt. If you have ideas about a Recumbent Rally, next spring, bring them along. If you have friends on any type of bike, bring them along as well! There is a Subway near the trailhead and a couple of restaurants in Sumrall. We will have water and powerade. There will be NO SAG on the LLT, so come prepared!

If you are unfamiliar with the LLT, it is about 15 miles to Hattiesburg, or about 25 miles to Prentiss. There are many comfort stations along the way, so you can vary your distances to whatever suits you. It is a public trail that is mostly flat and populated with college students, faculty, local cyclists and occasional critters. You will see Llamas, emus, horses and the occasional rabbit along the way, as well as some gorgeous fall foliage. We advise everyone to wear a helmet and have lights on their bike for safety.

If you like the idea of the Sumrall Summit, pass this along to your cycling friends. We will have a few ride leaders for different distances and speeds, but we would like to emphasize this is for everyone! If 3 miles has been your longest ride to date, show up and we bet you can double it, at least! Join us for the fun and fellowship!

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