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Green Party

BentLovers & Friends

This week, Green is our favorite color! Our green BikePark grass is growing and the oak trees are beautiful, offering a serene atmosphere for sure! Our riding shirts are bright green as are many of the helmets we sell, providing an extra measure of safety. Friday, we will have the new GreenSpeed GT-20 here for you to test ride! We also have the exciting GreenSpeed Aero for you to drool over! Even the prototypes are works of beauty and speed!

So, come out tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 for a ribbon cutting, and test ride our trikes! We will have brauts and burgers till they run out. Please bring your trike to test the track and we will have a few paired Park Pursuit turns around the track for fun! We are inviting the business folks in Avalon Centre so there may be a crowd. At any rate, we are glad to offer the RideSouth BikePark for our customers to enjoy!

Also, join us on Saturday morning at 7:30 for the kickoff of the Park Pursuit and the Trike Trial Series. You are sure to enjoy the Pursuit and the Bread Ride afterwards! Looking forward to a great, Green weekend!

RideSouth . . .The Way to Ride!