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Trike Trials and Bike Park Opening

Trike Trial Series and Bike Park Opening

BentLovers and Friends

We are growing! We now have a Bike Park adjoining our shop parking lot for customers to test ride our trikes and bikes on. The track is concrete and one tenth of a mile long. The turns are banked and we have planted grass in all the open areas. We have lots of planned uses for the track and plan to get you involved this weekend.

This weekend, we will sponsor a grand opening party beginning at 4:30 PM on Friday night, May 20. We plan to have bikes, beer and Brauts for you to enjoy! The Flowood Chamber plans to have a ribbon cutting at 4:30, so plan to be here for that. Bring your trikes and show them off! This will be a good opportunity to get used to the track for events on Saturday!

Saturday morning, we plan to have our first Park Pursuit event! We will pair trikes and test out the format at 7:30 AM, so come early. After all have had a chance to test out their skills on their machine, we will launch a Bread Ride around the Pelahatchie Bay. We will have fresh oat bran bread and real maple syrup ready when you return!

So here is a summary of the Trike Trial Series we have planned for the following months. We will schedule each event in plenty of time for you to attend. All trikes are invited.

RideSouth Trike Trials (or Try a Trike Series)

Park Pursuit
Test your trikes agility on the RideSouth Bike Park concrete test track! Paired trikes will launch from opposite ends of the 0.10 mile track and pursue their opponent until caught, or 10 laps.

Church Loop
Test your trikes speed on a 1 mile loop road around Pinelake Baptist Church. Winners will be chosen by the most number of completed laps in the allotted time frame. Riders will mass start from the church parking lot.

Trace Trip
Trikes will mass start from the Natchez Trace Overlook and finish at River Bend. Individual place finishes and time will be recorded at River Bend. Riders can ride back on their own, or be transported by the RideSouth bus and trailer.

Trike Trailer
Same as the Trace Trip except all trikes must pull a trailer. Any type of trailer is ok. Bring your kids, dog, a friend or gear along for the fun! Riders can have time subtracted by trailer and cargo weight.

Trike the Trails
Leave from the Park Pursuit and head across the Spillway towards Clinton on the Ridgeland bike trails. Total time will be recorded from, and back to the RideSouth shop.

Battlefield Battle
Tackle the Vicksburg Military Park. Do one or two loops of the hilly, 16 mile park.

Ride the Natchez Trace top to bottom! 444 miles.
Team ride from Nashville to Natchez.

Trike Tammany
Ride the Tammany Trace, end to end.

Trike the Levy
Ride the Mississippi Levy in New Orleans!

Sumrall Summit
Ride the LongLeaf Trace. Some called this the Picnic Poker Ride!

Tanglefoot Tango
Launch from Pontotoc and ride the Tanglefoot Trail in north Mississippi.

Mardi GRAS Madness
We will decorate our trikes again and enter a Carnival parade! Every time we do this we get first place!

Coasting on a Trike
We will travel to different places on our Gulf Coast to enjoy the view!

Yes, we will bring the Recumbent Rally and Convention back!

Team Trials
We are working on trike relay events for your team riding pleasure. Be getting your team together!

Trade a Trike
One month, we will have a swap meet for you to trade gear, clothes, or even bikes with each other.

So, there you have it. A monthly series that will start with the Park Pursuit for local events, and bus transportation available for away events. All this will be kicking off this weekend at 4:30 Friday! We will invite Avalon Centre folks to the Park and we will have trike supplier representatives here with new trikes to show, including the new Greenspeed GT-20. You really should try it! Hope you can join us!!

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