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Independent Together-St. Tammany on the 4th

Most lasting relationships seem to work better this way, we think. Doing your own thing most of the time, and occasionally coming together to reach a common goal. The common goal this weekend was to celebrate our independence . . . see how that full circle works!

It was great seeing our new friends, and friends dating back to when we started RideSouth almost eighteen years ago! Bikes, and some folks, were decorated with red, white, and blue along with their great flashing lights. All the numerous recumbent riders we saw were decorated with smiles, as well. Not so much for most of the upright riders seen on the beautiful St. Tammany Trace! Maybe they were curious as to why we outnumbered them on these two days!

Most of the large group of riders got in more than seventy miles for Sunday and Monday rides. The only fault of the Trace is that it has too many places to stop, it seems. There are so many eating and drinking places to stop at along the wide, shady trail that you just need more time to enjoy it all! Even though a speed limit sign is posted in places, we saw ample rabbits along the way to chase, and plenty of open trail to do it on!

We encountered one speeding roadie rabbit and made a new friend, and a believer in the speed of the trikes. At a water stop, he wanted to know more and we obliged him, of course! Turns out, roadie Frank was a Brit and knew more about our Independence Day than we did! Guess the Brits have studied us a bit lately! Hope to see Frank in the RideSouth shop sometime soon!

Our first experience riding the St. Tammany Trace was a good one. Everyone felt completely comfortable riding alone, or in a group. You can relax through the many quiet areas, have a brew or snack in many different areas, or blow out the cobwebs and chase a rabbit or two on the long flats. Basically, it is a great place to ride by yourself or with a group. Isn’t that what recumbent riding is all about . . . being independent together?

RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride!