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Hot enough for you? The Greenwood ride last Saturday hosted almost 1000 riders facing the 100 degree heat in the Mississippi Delta! It was great to see many of our customers and friends at the rest stops. There were recumbent bikes and trikes everywhere! We saw four Greenspeed Aero prototypes and more Greenspeed Magnums than we could count. Catrike and Bacchetta were well represented as well. Most of the rest stops were well attended and stocked when we went through, and the organizers did a good job of supporting the huge crowd.

It appears the heat is here to stay for a while. So, we are enticing you to come to RideSouth during the month of August for our first ever SUMMER HEAT SALE! Watch the mercury rise and take a dollar off for every degree the temperature rises to that day! Save up to $100 OFF EVERY BIKE OR KAYAK IN STOCK! We will run this hot sale through AUGUST 15, 2016. This will include the wildly popular Hobie Eclipse stand up PEDAL boards AND the HOBIE MIRAGE and PADDLE KAYAKS IN STOCK!

Take advantage of this special HOT SALE on all new and used bikes, kayaks and stand-up boards in the store. We are including all trikes and velomobiles, too! Check out special trikes from GREENSPEED, CATRIKE, HASE, HP VELOTECHNIK, MIRAGE and others. We have MASI and MARIN road, hybrid and mountain bikes that are ready to ride! Even a kid’s road bike by FUJI with 24 inch tires! SO BRING YOUR CHECKBOOK IN THIS WEEK and SAVE up to $100 on your land or water transport vehicle of choice while we still have it! Pick a hot day and save more! We think that is the best way to really BEAT THE HEAT and discover RideSouth IS THE WAY TO RIDE!

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