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“He was afraid to go home because the man with the mask was there.” You may have heard this riddle sometime in your past. If you haven’t, the answer is below. Most folks, of course, “want” to go home. It is normally a place where we feel safe and in control. Many have more than one home. Some feel at home in their work environment or their play environment. Whether at the office, the gym, paddling a kayak, or riding a bicycle, you may have that peaceful and secure feeling that being home offers.

Unfortunately, some folks do not have a place to hang their hat. Their home is literally where their heart is. We are saddened to know just how many of these fellow Earthlings there are, and the number is growing daily. Many folks who have a home are finding it threatened, like the Americans in North Dakota. So, where do you feel most at home? Is it playing a game, reading your Twitter or Facebook feed? All of these pastimes have a “home” designed to make you feel good. How about baseball? There is one time when you might be afraid to go home in that game! (See above.)

The bottom line of this message is that we want you to feel at home here at RideSouth. This is one of our “homes” and we want to share it with you. As we have grave concerns about the future of our planetary home, we are considering adding solar power to our shop. We hope you will look into solar power for your home or business. We are inviting you to our business home these next few weeks to see what changes we have made, and to take advantage of the many sales we have going on to clear inventory. We hope you like them and that you too feel at home here! After the holidays, we are planning a customer appreciation party, so please stay tuned for that announcement!

We truly appreciate ALL of our customers over the past nineteen years and hope to continue serving you and your friends for many more years! So, don’t be afraid to visit our home! We will make you feel welcome and help you find what you are looking for! Happy Holidays to everyone!!

RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride!