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Things you can’t do while cycling

Things you can’t do while cycling

Successful cycling requires focus. There are many stationary objects on the woodland trails that will interfere with your progress, if ignored. Though fewer in number on the lanes and roads, some of the objects there, move . . . and may even come after you! A wandering mind here may find itself in a heap of trouble.

Today there are many important things to wonder about, for sure. Our Planet, Country, Family, Work and Home – all need thought and all need action, just not while cycling. Our Health, Education and sometimes our general Attitude could use a boost also. But cycling is not the time to concentrate on those areas, normally. The only direction we can directly influence while cycling is the direction we and our bike take. And it is that direction only, that directly determines the outcome of our safe adventure.

Yes, there are many things you can’t do effectively while cycling. We think that should be on purpose. In fact, recumbent riders know there is one more unnecessary distraction we can, and do, avoid . . . Pain. There is no butt, back, neck or wrist pain to take away from your cycling enjoyment. So, we are free to set our direction, and directly influence our outcome, without any distractions other than the symphony of our own lungs, legs and heart . . . being directed by our own bicycle, through another safe and fun adventure.

We like adventure cycling. We like the places our country’s roads and trails can take us. In fact, we have a new map showing them, that covers a whole wall in the shop. We have bags, trailers, camping gear and other gear that will help you along. Of course we have bikes, trikes and velomobiles that are perfect for any excursion, anywhere. You will just have to leave your other worries behind because that is one thing you can’t do while cycling!

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