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New Construction

New Construction

It is always exciting when we begin working on something new. Whether that new thing is physical, emotional, spiritual, motivational or just plain brick and mortar. Today, we are announcing an addition to our Bike Park at RideSouth. Construction begins this week on a Bike Stop, or bus stop like structure, adjacent to our bike test track which was completed last year.

The Bike Stop will offer some shade and seating for folks waiting to test ride bikes on the track. It will also offer a staging place for events in the future, as well as a platform for some solar collectors to power planned trail lights and timing electronics for trike testing. We hope to be complete with this project by August.

Another new thing at RideSouth is that we have the latest new construction model of the popular Greenspeed Magnum. We are finishing assembly of our first one today. Be sure to come by and test ride it and all the other bikes we have on display. We also have the new Hobie Camo Pro Angler 12 on the floor today. It will not be here long!

You may have new construction going on in parts of your life. Change, it seems, is in the air these days. We can react to it, or we can cause it. We continue to search for ways to progressively cause positive change in ourselves and in those lives that we touch at RideSouth. We will be open for business this weekend and are planning rides almost every day through the Fourth of July holiday. We hope you will join us!