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Organic Electric Motors

“Do you have a V-8 in that thing?” This was the question asked when I coasted past about 50 cyclists down a slight hill on a benefit ride recently. Yes, a few of them caught up to this heavy rider on the next uphill to ask the question. I explained that I was just coasting and drove home the point pedaling past them on the next downhill. I did not see them again to see if they understood the aerodynamics of the Aero trike yet.

I confess, my naturally fast bike was powered by a vintage 1948 two stroke organic electric motor, definitely not a V-8. Not in the best running condition either mind you, but still, just organic fuel powering neurons and muscles on the original equipment manufactured (another, more notable OEM!) motor. No fossil fuels or fossil-fueled electricity consumed for 50 miles of fun and safe transportation!

Non-organic electric motors for bikes are becoming more sought after by many nowadays. We have sold them and will sell them again. Some have compelling reasons for assist and some just want a free ride. For all, we encourage you to get on a recumbent bike, or trike, and ride it multiple times before you decide to go electric. The combination of increased power and decreased drag you get with recumbents may well allow your own organic electric motor to get you to your destination, in style! And that is good for yourself and your Planet!

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