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Greenspeed Magnum SALE!

Give a Magnum for Christmas!

Greenspeed Magnum SALE $2995!! For the first time ever we are putting the wildly popular Magnum ON SALE! So, give yourself/someone else a gift that truly keeps on giving for a lifetime! To make it easy for you, for the first time, we will ship your unassembled Magnum anywhere in the US. Shipping costs will vary depending on the destination, generally less than $100. We are working on a video to help you with assembly, as the Magnum is the easiest bike to assemble we have seen. Of course, it is recommended that a bike mechanic help you with the assembly and properly fitting the chain length for your size.

This sale will go through Christmas and is limited to blue, red or black Magnums as long as they last. The sale is for the bike only and any accessories are extra. If you pick up here, we will assemble and install any accessories you may wish to purchase from us. Here is a partial list of popular accessories:

Water bottle cage ($4.95), Water Bottle ($9.95), Mirror Post and Clamp ($29.95), Mirror ($29.95), Neck Rest ($139.95), Rear Rack ($139.95), Computer ($39.95), Rechargeable Light Kit ($99.95), Frame Pump ($44.95) and Flag (Free).

We have around fifty other trikes and two wheel recumbents of all brands that we must sell! Catrike has a sale of $200 off for some special colors! We have all of the great Catrike models on display as well! If you are in the area, this is the time to visit RideSouth. It will change you life for the better!

So, purchase enough wrapping paper for a 33x28x19 Magnum box that weighs less that 50 pounds, and make the biggest hit ever under the tree! Ship it to yourself or someone else special. Start the process that many have begun and discover why RideSouth Christmas is The Way AND The Time to Ride!!

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