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Happy Place

Are current events getting you down? Are health inconveniences getting the best of you? Is the climate crisis touching you or your loved ones too closely already? Maybe it’s all overwhelming! Sometimes we all need to find a place away from it all… a happy place!

We know of one for you, and for us! It may have been for just a moment, or it could have been for your lifetime! That was the time we snapped your photo with your new bike, trike or kayak! Sure, for some there may have been some anxiety about the purchase, but in every case, there was a smile and some hope of a new adventure about to unfold in your life! At least that was the indication to us from the photo! A happy place indeed!

Now, we would like for you to revisit that place! It will take a few minutes as there are many over the years. But if you can find your photo/photos I think you will agree that you were in that happy place at that time! Many of you may still be there! Just click on the link below to go to the gallery on our website, then click the scroll arrow to see a slide show we are exceptionally proud of! Our best lifetime achievement!

Hope you enjoy!


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