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For Sale!

For Sale!

Rudy Rack bicycle and trike display racks. An extensive collection of 1,2 and 3 tiered racks perfect for trikes and bicycles. All are black metal and in perfect condition to display up to 75 bikes or 46 trikes. Most can be modified for trikes or bikes.

Wall-supported stands for 20 bicycles. Stands can be easily joined for free-standing display or storage stands. Heavy duty steel construction.

Free-standing Talic kayak racks for 15 kayaks and wall mounted racks for 6 more kayaks. Floor stands for 10 more kayaks.

Kayak accessories for Hobie and other brand kayaks. All are 50% off. Includes cradles, trampolines, roof racks and numerous other items.

Vintage recumbent bicycles from RANS and Bacchetta in excellent condition. RANS Rifle XL frame set and RANS V3 Titanium frame with USS modification.

Bicycle carrying case with rollers.

All items must be picked up at our shop. Most racks are assembled and ready for use. Some are in storage. Generally speaking, items are 40%-50% off list price. Call 601 992-2490 for details.

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