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Did you see the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”? How about another great film with Tom Hanks, “Big”? If you somehow combine these movies, you get a love story that grows way beyond your expectations! Laid-back folks who love recumbent cycling came from all over to make the 2015 Recumbent Rally and Convention . . . BIG!

Perhaps the biggest thing accomplished during the nine-day event could be summed up in a word . . . Recumbent. Our signs at the Flowood YMCA and alongside Old Fannin at the Hampton, exposed the word to thousands of motorists every day. The excellent story and online video by Clarion Ledger reporter Todd Sherman, exposed the word and what it means to thousands of readers. The eleven sessions of the 2015 Recumbent Rally and Convention spoke volumes to BentLovers, and all cyclists, that this love story is here to stay . . . and they should look into it more! The theme of “Painless in Flowood” ran through the entire event, as we heard no complaints anywhere about cycling pain, even after six hundred miles of cycling by some riders!!

Here is a brief wrap-up of the different sessions. More, including some pics and videos, can be found on www.ridesouthevents.com as soon as we get to it!

Workshop Session
The RideSouth shop was filled to capacity as Janet Buckwalter entertained and informed folks about what it takes to tour on a recumbent. Janet had her trike loaded to the gills and helped folks decide what to pack and what they could do without. The three o’clock Friday kick-off session was well received and should inspire some riders to expand their worlds and take on some big adventures, as Janet has! We hope so!

Bay Ride Session
The four o’clock traffic on Old Fannin was entertained as a two-block-long line of recumbents left the shop and followed bike lanes and trails to Fannin Landing, then around the Pelahatchie Bay and back to the shop. The large group was divided into two subgroups according to speed. As it turned out we could have subdivided further, but a great time was had by all. The newspaper reporter, Todd, even got into the act on a recumbent trike! You can see his story and videos here.

Welcome Dinner Session
The tight scheduling of the sessions was apparent as some folks had to hustle to make the seven o’clock Welcome Dinner at the event hotel, the Hampton Inn in Flowood. But there was plenty of refreshments and good food for the overflow crowd provided by The Corner Bakery! As everyone started to mellow out a bit, we were thoroughly entertained by Greenspeed Trike Guru, Ian Sims. Ian had everyone focused on his colorful history of bringing the whole idea of recumbent trikes to market with an excellent slide show on the big screen!

Metric Century Session
After a good meal and a good night’s sleep, folks gathered at the RideSouth shop for the launch of the RS Metric Century early Saturday morning. We launched right on time and folks crossed the spillway on another gorgeous day! In fact, the weather for EVERY SESSION was SPECTACULAR! After regrouping at the Reservoir Overlook, riders headed north on the fantastic Natchez Trace. An out-and-back ride of one hundred kilometers kept folks occupied until just before noon when the excellent box lunches were served back at the shop. There were hundreds of other riders out for the Ridgeland Century rides as well! It was great to have cyclists outnumbering cars for a change!

Trail Ride Session
The Trail Ride group launched immediately after the Metric Century riders and also regrouped at the Overlook. Ride leaders kept track of everyone through the intricate trail network and got everyone back safely to join the other riders at the shop. There are a number of other routes we can explore for future rides and events. What a great place to be if you are a cyclist, or just someone who enjoys the great outdoors!

Speed Trial Session
Some folks just have that need! So we organized a course just south of Flowood to let that need-for-speed manifest itself! Session leaders counted down for each rider to launch at one minute intervals. The adrenalin rushed as they took off with all they had, to race the clock, or the rider in front . . . or behind! The start was a grueling uphill with a fast finish on the opposite side downhill. We even got Ian Sims to race in the Greenspeed Glyde velomobile that he produced! It seemed appropriate that Kerry Kerr was the fastest on another of Ian’s machines, the new Aero! The Flowood and Airport police kept the cars away from us, and a good time was had by all. We distributed the free frozen yogurt passes to all participants and even some of the helpers and spectators!

Recumbent Forum Session
Perhaps the most attended session, after the Welcome Dinner, the Recumbent Forum was a great interaction between attendees and industry leaders! We had Ian Sims talking trikes, Mike Colliton and Rich Pinto from Bacchetta, talking bikes, and Dr. Bob McGuire talking nutrition. Dr. Bob had a great presentation that we have for you here. There is a wealth of information for your help in food and drink intake while you are burning up the road on your recumbent! Folks told some wonderful recumbent stories and were surprised to receive a cool RideSouth jersey for their trouble! We hope to have sparked some ideas for promoting recumbents in the future, including attracting HPV racers to the area!

Vicksburg Military Park Tour (Ride to) Session
An ambitious session, to be sure! Get up early Sunday morning and ride from the RS shop TO Vicksburg, then ride the Vicksburg Military Park hills with the other riders! The park is nothing but hills and a challenge even if you haven’t ridden sixty miles to get there! Kudos to Doug Morgan and Kerry Kerr for taking the challenge! You can see a video of the route on the www.ridesouthevents.com website!

Vicksburg Military Park (Transport) Session
A more reasonable option for most was to be transported to the park, and then ride the grueling hills. Thanks to Laura Morgan for providing the transport service! The park offers great historical value and an opportunity to burn quite a few calories. After the ride, Paul and Donna Ingram opened their beautiful home overlooking the Mississippi River for the small number of riders taking the challenge, and fed everyone some awesome lasagna! That fuel and a few liquid refreshments prepped riders for the trip to Natchez later Sunday afternoon!

LongLeaf Trace Tour Session
There was a concurrent session competing for cyclists’ time. Transport to the fabulous LongLeaf Trace for a tour from Prentiss to Hattiesburg left an hour earlier than the Vicksburg transport. More folks signed up for the relatively flat LLT than the hilly, military park for their Sunday adventure. No wonder! The RS bus, RS trailer and a rental bus were at capacity as we arrived near scheduled time at the Prentiss Gateway of the LLT. Folks were joined by other recumbent riders there and headed down the Trace to Sumrall, where we served lunch to everyone. It was great to see the Bacchetta guys riding with Dr. Bob, too. After a good lunch break, riders made their way to the Hattiesburg Holiday Inn Suites where we loaded everyone back on the buses and headed back to the RS shop.

Natchez to Nashville Tour Session
The RS bus arrived right on time at the shop Sunday afternoon, and unloaded folks from a great adventure on the LLT. New driver and new riders loaded up to begin the next great rally adventure! Dubbed N2N, the plan was to spend the night in Natchez and leave at mile marker 0.0 at eight o’clock Monday morning. A sendoff evening meal at the Magnolia Grille, overlooking the Mississippi River, prepped the three riders and SAG driver for five days of riding . . . all the way to Nashville! The first day ended up being about one hundred and four miles all the way to Jackson. Overnighting in Jackson, the riders began where they left off and continued to French Camp on Tuesday night. All reported French Camp a five-star stop! Wednesday night found the riders in Tupelo after a fairly long day. Collingwood, Tennessee was the planned stop for Thursday and Nashville for Friday. After tackling the Tennessee hills, riders celebrated at the famous Loveless Cafe, four hundred and forty-four miles from their start five days earlier! An unexpected hotel shortage in Nashville forced a drive back to Tupelo for the night which led to a return welcoming back at the RS shop on Saturday morning, ahead of schedule. Medals and jersey patches were awarded to the deserving riders by many supporters and the RS skeleton crew! Way to go guys and thank you to Rick Eades for SAG support the whole way!

The Recumbent Rally and Convention was a big success thanks to the many volunteers for all the sessions!! It was a success because the weather was PERFECT! It was a success because recumbent suppliers supported the rally, big time! But mostly it was a success because your love story for recumbents got told a little more, thanks to you . . . and that is BIG!

Cast and crew:
Lane Snider
Louis Reno
David Read
Charlene Read
Carol Kossman
Rhonda Armstrong
Stacy Maxey
Bob McGuire
Doug Morgan
Paul Ingram
Donna Ingram
Ian Sims
Jerome Hediger
Janet Buckwalter
Dudley Dearman
Rich Pinto
Mark Colliton
Rick Eades
Jim Lee
Carolyn Bergeron
Clint Jenkins
Laura Morgan
Keith May
Todd Sherman

Also, thanks to the many supporters and local recumbent riders who were on standby for transport and assistance if needed! A special thanks to the Flowood YMCA, the Flowood Chamber, Chick-fil-A, the Corner Bakery, Flowood Police, Airport Police, AMR, The Rankin County News and The Clarion Ledger for fantastic support before, during and after the rally!! There were many others that offered their support and we are forever grateful!

[email protected]
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105 Avalon Court
Brandon, MS 39047

Rally Press Release

Flowood, Mississippi May1-9, 2015

May 1 marks the kickoff of the first ever Recumbent Rally and Convention to be headquartered in Flowood, Mississippi. RideSouth Recumbents, LLC, located on the outskirts of Flowood, will bring in recumbent bike enthusiasts from all over the nation to ride, visit, learn, and tour on their recumbent bikes, trikes and velomobiles. Speakers and presenters from as far away as Australia will lead discussions about the future of these “laid back” bikes that are becoming increasingly more popular because of their safety, speed, fun and comfort advantages over traditional upright bicycles.

The Rally begins on Friday afternoon with a touring workshop, a trail ride around Pelahatchie Bay and a welcome dinner at the Hampton Inn in Flowood. On Saturday, there are more trail rides, a metric century ride, speed trials and a recumbent forum for attendees to enjoy for their $60 attendance fee. On Sunday, rally participants can sign up for a tour of the Longleaf Trace ($35) or the Vicksburg Military Park ($25). There is even a Natchez to Nashville tour offered for folks during the following week ($250 + most meals and hotels). The N2N route will be entirely on the 444 mile Natchez Trace Parkway. Support and transport will be provided for all sessions. More information and updates for the Rally can be found on www.RideSouthEvents.com.


Signature Ride Postponed

We have decided to postpone the March 21 launch of the 2015 Signature Ride. We are heavily involved with the Recumbent Rally and Convention on May 1, and the expected new date will be after the Rally. We will still have rides from the shop and possibly training rides to Hattiesburg in March.
Thank you!

Painless in Flowood

Painless in Flowood is the theme for the Recumbent Rally and Convention to be held in Flowood, Mississippi on May 1, 2015. Please check out our special video invitation:

Painless in Flowood

Good Morning



Good Morning

As this day begins, we snapped a few photos to give you an idea of what we face today. RideSouth has twice the inventory we have had in Decembers past. We have over forty recumbent trikes and many used bikes and trikes. We have the most popular recumbent bikes in the world and some that are on the way to challenging all others. We have a velomobile, or two, and more coming.

We have excellent cruiser bikes that are better than the once popular Townies we introduced to our area over sixteen years ago. Marin and Fuji make some awesome, light bikes that you have to try to believe as well as some great mountain bikes. We have Masi full carbon road bikes on sale.

We have brand new Hobie Kayaks of every model, even the new Pro Angler Tandem. We have numerous last year’s kayaks at greatly reduced prices and quite a few used kayaks that are in excellent condition. We have kayaks from Evoke and Sundolphin on order, that are a better value, and less expensive, than any other kayak you can find.

There is much more in store, including kid’s bikes, commuter bikes, hybrids and special needs bikes. Also, we have stocked up on shoes, helmets, lights and pedals, all excellent Christmas gifts. Gift certificates are also available.

We would like to take a few days off for Christmas, so we have a week for you to put a wrap on your RideSouth present to your loved ones, or yourself. We will do everything in our power to make your Christmas, indeed, a Good Morning!

Oh Happy Day!

“Oh Happy Day!” Ride Saturday!

Join us in a celebration ride Saturday morning at 8:00 AM from the RideSouth shop! We will make the SMOOTH transition onto the newly completed, Old Fannin Road BIKE LANE, and have a Happy Day tour of the Fannin area!

We will be back at the shop by 10:00 to load up your new (or used!) kayak, bicycle or trailer purchase! Since we plan to be visiting family next week, we are ready to clear out our huge inventory to make room for exciting new products NOW!!

We already have some new bike demos for you to try, and more coming daily. Models from the new Hobies, Evoke and Sun Dolphin lines will be arriving soon and you need to reserve your kayak or SUP (stand-up paddle board) Christmas gift now! Some models are priced as low as $399! That’s right, RideSouth quality and service, at online prices!

For at least a couple of years, we have anticipated this day! Old Fannin Road has now grown from a rural, two-lane road (with a drive-in movie theater), to a well controlled, five-lane connector, super automobile and bike way! Two, five-foot bike lanes now supplement the five lanes of auto traffic, to allow safe bicycle travel for thousands of families living in the Reservoir area to businesses, restaurants and recreation hotspots!

So join us for the “Happy Day” ride on Saturday! We will have fresh, oat bran bread in the oven, and a good compliment of fresh ideas and adventures for you to consider! Temperatures will be in the mid 50’s with plenty of November sunshine for the ride. A happy day to ride and kayak indeed!

[email protected]
601 992-2490

We will be closed Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Newsletter 2014-2015

Here is our most recent newsletter showing some exciting changes at RideSouth . . . enjoy!
Newsletter 2014-2015

Scary Business

Scary Business

Lately, there have been a number of things in the news that might cause extra concern for some, maybe a little fear even. Deadly viruses seek new hosts, terrorists continue to go berserk and dangerous drivers act criminally.

Reactions, or pro-actions, to these concerning conditions and situations vary. Being a business person, we choose to be proactive about business concerns we might have. For example, we realize it can be scary for folks to leave our shop and enter Old Fannin Road, on a bike or even in a car! The two-year road construction project on Old Fannin has given us concerns about our business, for sure.

So, to be proactive, we are offering a REALLY SCARY SALE, right up to Halloween!! We are discounting ALL 2014 bikes and kayaks! Some prices are right down to, or below our cost! That is scary for us, but good for you! We also have used bikes and kayaks that need to go, so make us an offer! We HAVE to make room for 32 new kayaks and more new trikes coming in the next two weeks!

Now, we are sure business will pick up when the road work is finished. We feel confident that cycling activity will increase exponentially when folks soon see the new bike lanes appear on the road, adjacent to our shop. To deal with some of the other concerns, we wash our hands after greeting every customer, and we are diligent about observation and protection. When riding, or driving, we are extra careful about the many distracted drivers out there. That’s how we choose to handle scary situations in our small world.

Outside, there is a huge, wonderful world (outside of your cell phone!) waiting to be noticed and experienced! All of the senses can be engaged on a bike, or in a kayak! Riding and paddling is therapeutic on every level! So we urge you to take some action now, not from fear, but to have fun! View your world as a positive place and you will enjoy it more . . . we are positive!

Look for the scary witch hanging in the shop! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Ask us about a special ride this weekend and join us for Saturday Bread Rides beginning at 8:00 AM (for ALL levels)!

RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride!
601 992-2490

Safety on the Natchez Trace

A simple, low cost solution:


Simply install this sign on the existing sign posts for the Natchez Trace at every entrance. This would REQUIRE that automobiles, recreational vehicles AND bicycles have white lights on the front and red lights on the back IN THE DAYTIME! Visibility will increase and accident rates will drop. This is a NO COST change for cars and a minimal cost for cyclists . . . and cheap insurance. Combo light kits that are visible for MILES in the BRIGHT SUNSHINE are available for less than $90. New batteries last all day and can be recharged with a computer. The few dollars for the signs can be recovered by citations given to offenders by Park Rangers!

We cycle and drive on the Natchez Trace weekly. The shadows make it difficult to see dark cars and dark jerseys, even with our rear-view mirrors. It seems folks will continue to drive and wear what they want, regardless of safety concerns. At least, a dark cyclist with good lights can still be seen by other vehicles. Also, driving with LIGHTS ON helps the motorist be aware that safety is a major concern on this fantastic asset we have in Mississippi and Tennessee called the Natchez Trace!

Are you any better?

Ever try answering the traditional question “How are you?”, with the simple phrase “Better, thank you.”? Most of the time that answer solicits a follow-up question like “Have you been sick?” The status quo being, well, the way it is, has been ingrained in us as normal, regular and routine. But, we have to ask ourselves occasionally is that really what we want . . . or can we get better?

Can our diet improve? Can we try different foods for an extended time and see if we are better? Can our exercise regimen be better? Can we try different sports or activities, and get better? How about our parenting skills? Can we perform better for our kids, spouses and our aging parents? And of course, our attitude. Can we approach every situation with a better attitude?

So, if you have addressed the all important, “Why?”, concerning your existence, then a next logical approach could be how to be better, we think. Of course, some may think they are good enough. Hard to argue the point with some. But we are enlightened when we see folks attempting to do, and be better all the time in every aspect of their lives.

At RideSouth, we strive to be better every day at helping our customers know about different ways to enjoy the outdoors more. We plan and implement events to motivate folks to participate in activities and better enjoy fellowship and fun experiences together. We seek out better products, and improvements for products and services we have.

We invite you to come to our shop and take home a new kayak or bicycle! We think you will be the better for it!

Thank You,
RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride