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The RideSouth Experience

The RideSouth Experience

Yesterday, while waiting for an appointment in a nearby building, a customer walked into RideSouth. We met him at the door and asked how we could help him today. Expecting to be in a typical bike shop, he commented that he had recently bought a bike like one of our cruiser bikes. As most customers do, he began looking around with an inquisitive look on his face.

It happens almost every time. Customers go from a slightly defensive disposition to a demeanor of wonder. We love seeing inquisitive minds begin to open to new possibilities and more choices than they are used to seeing in other shops. As we discussed other options, including the wide range of recumbents, drive shaft bikes, and even velomobiles he looked at me intently, trying to process the information. Our eyes locked for a long time, the customer looking for a contradiction that wasn’t there. Before he left, he wanted to ride a recumbent around the parking lot. The wonder on his face escalated to joy. He left, late for his meeting, calculating how to deal with the expansion his mind had just undergone. We are sure we will see him again.

This is what we are committed to at RideSouth . . . mind expansion. Of course, some resist and want to stay with the status quo. That is ok, too. We totally understand. Our own fifteen years of experience on “out of the mainstream” bikes and boats, and thousands of customers giving us positive feedback and testimony, drives us to expose folks to the possibility, that is all. It is OK to be different.

Folks rarely buy from that first exposure. They will analyze for a few days, to a few years. Some wait to raise the money, many wait to raise the courage to be different from their peers. Some just want to fit in and ride big name bikes. That is perfectly fine with us. Some wait for a debilitating injury, a painful fall or illness. Some just wait to age more.

So, if you are ready for an experience that may change the way you view the world, at least on a bicycle or kayak, walk into our store for the first time. Get involved in our group rides, events and adventures. Have your bike serviced in our excellent service department. Check out our accessories for cycling and kayaking. Help us to grow the cycling industry and infrastructure in our community. Help yourself to have more fun!

RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride!

To Our Electra Customers

RideSouth has promoted the Electra Brand, including the Townies, for our fifteen years of existence. Many of you have trusted us in our recommendation of the brand and the bikes. Earlier this year Electra sold out to Trek bicycles. This is unfortunate for the Electra brand, we feel. We have elected to discontinue buying Electra products and want to have nothing to do with the company. We still have many Electra bicycles to sell and will discount them, starting today, until they are gone. Of course we will warranty the products we sell.

RideSouth has made a business of dealing with folks that have integrity and companies that provide exceptional service. Electra no longer meets our criteria. We are bringing in some neat commuter bikes and are expanding our recumbent line-up. Please visit our shop soon to see what’s new and save money on our remaining Electra bikes. We recognize you have chosen RideSouth as your preferred dealer and we will do everything in our power to live up to your high standards.

Thank You,
RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride

Hobie Pro Angler

Hobie Pro Angler

We have both sizes in stock now! See us at the Reservoir Boat Show on May 31 and June 1!

More info on the Pro Angler . . .

Happy Challenge

Happy Challenge

Some of our customers . . .

We would like to challenge you to recall a time when you have felt happier than the moment we captured at your RideSouth purchase/purchases, depicted in these photos of you! It will take some time to browse all the smiles to find yours, perhaps, but we remember each and every one of these moments as being a joyful and determined event for you!

Now, we understand life offers many opportunities to feel happy, and life offers many challenges. Some things change, and some things stay the same. The real challenge is for us to remember the good times and the positive things we have done in the past . . . and repeat them, over and over. Yes, our memory fades sometimes and we need reminding. Consider this a friendly reminder that we remember a time when you were happy . . . and we hope you still are!

So, we are challenging you to repeat those smiles by enjoying that bike or kayak again! Dust off the seat, air up the tires and go for a ride! Load up that kayak and experience the joy of going somewhere new, or familiar, on the water! Find that “room without a roof” in the great outdoors! It sure makes Pharrell Williams “Happy” in his hit song by the same name!

If you need a venue for your re-adventure, join us for a Picnic Ride/Float this Sunday, April 27 at Jeff Davis Lake, in Prentiss! There will be folks in the same boat there! Ride as much as you want around the lake, or on The Longleaf Trace, and enjoy a relaxing afternoon with friends and family. The Picnic Event will be from 2-7 PM at the main pavilion at the lake. If you need a ride, the RideSouth bus will take you there! If you need more information just call the shop. That makes us happy!

601 992-2490

Picnic Ride Next Sunday!

Picnic Ride – Sunday April 27 Jeff Davis Lake, Prentiss, MS

This is everyone’s chance to join us for the first ever RideSouth Picnic Ride, to be launched at Jeff Davis Lake! Just take Hwy 42 east from Prentiss, Mississippi for only a couple of miles and turn left. The lake is surrounded by beautiful new trails with some great roller-coaster hills. You can ride two or three miles in the lake area, or take the trail to the fabulous LongLeaf Trace which is only two miles from the lake. Of course the Trace offers up to 41 miles each way, so all of your options are open! You can even bring your kayak down to enjoy the peace and quiet of the lake on the water!

So, the proposed agenda is to bring a picnic for you and your family to enjoy, either before you ride, or after . . . or both! We will have water, Powerade and paper products. We have reserved the large pavilion from 2:00 – 7:00 PM on Sunday, April 27. We realize this is late notice, but the weather is great and this is picnic season, so why not! Bring your trike, bike or kayak to enjoy along with some picnic fare and everyone is sure to have a great time! We will cover the pavilion rental for the day and even the boat launch fee for our kayak customers. We may even have a Hobie kayak for you to try!

The RideSouth Bus will leave the shop by 12:30 PM Sunday if you would like to ride with us. Tickets are $10 and we will have room for 12 people in the bus, and your bikes and trikes. Please have your machines at the shop Saturday afternoon for bus loading if you can. What better way to demonstrate all the cool toys we provide than a Picnic Ride! Please give us some feedback concerning your interest so we can plan better.

RideSouth . . . The Way to Picnic!

601 992-2490

It’s gonna be a Hobie weekend!

It’s gonna be a Hobie weekend!

RideSouth will receive a truckload of brand new Hobie Kayaks this Saturday afternoon! If you have put off that desire to be moving on the water, HANDS FREE, here is your chance to get the fresh Hobie Mirage Kayak of your dreams! If you have a special request, we have another shipment leaving California next Monday and we need your order NOW! Please call us to check on availability of your boat on these two shipments.

As we have a few used Hobies left, we will offer a ONE TIME DEMO sometime this Sunday, if weather permits. Please come in to the shop today, or Saturday, to discuss options on your participation in the demo and the times available. We offer this to our good customers that need just a bit of prodding to make one of the best buying decisions ever! We hope you will then understand why we also say . . . RideSouth . . . The Way to Paddle!

601 992-2490

Safety Concerns on the Trails

Safety Concerns

Yesterday, there was an incident on the Tanglefoot Trail concerning us. No one was hurt, but it could have been worse. A small child stepped in front of some of our riders causing rapid braking and avoidance maneuvers at high speed. First of all, and most importantly, let me state that I take full responsibility. Even though the incident happened way behind me, the little girl must have turned to look at my trike as I rushed past.

Please help us avoid this situation in the future by following these guidelines:

Let’s avoid racing, high speed drafting and close proximity riding, when there are people on the trails. It is tempting to open up when the trail appears open, but kids or animals can dart out anytime. Sunday afternoon is not the time to see how fast you can ride on the trails!

If you find yourself leading a group of riders, alert the rider behind when walkers are approaching. That is the leader’s responsibility. Indicate you are slowing and stay far to the right. If you find yourself in the middle of a group, also stay far to the right. It is not safe to ride offset and to the left so you can see ahead, if you are in a group. That blocks the vision of riders behind. If you do not know the rider in front, you should keep more distance between.

If you find yourself in the back of a group it is your responsibility to focus on the rider ahead, maintain a large gap, and be ready to brake. You have the added responsibility of alerting riders in front of you of passing cyclists (or cars, on the road).

Some trails across the country have a speed limit of 20 MPH. Let’s impose that limit on ourselves, and go slower when there are people or other riders. Many of us know our bikes and engines are capable of more, but let’s save that for the road, not the trails. As recumbent riders, we must be ambassadors of safe, responsible riding because we are faster and more visible.

This incident aside, our Tanglefoot Tour yesterday was a success. Everyone toured both the north and the south portions of the trails getting in from 50-87 miles for the day. Everyone seemed to enjoy the south end of the trail a bit more, perhaps because of more trees and people. The facilities that have been completed are first class. The trail was relatively clean and the surface was smooth, except for the bridges. There are many crossings that need to be heeded as cars are reluctant to stop for cyclists. The RideSouth bus and Rack-n-roll trailer transported riders and everyone’s bikes and trikes easily, without incident.




We will consider this tour again sometime later this year. We made many new friends on the trail yesterday. Unfortunately, we almost had a terrible accident. My lesson learned is to be a better leader. We hope everyone will help with that challenge so even the fine folks on the Tanglefoot will know that RideSouth is The Way to Ride!

Bless this food . . .

Many of you prepare elaborate meals for your family and friends, especially around the holidays. You work hard to select the best dishes with the best ingredients, dishes that will nourish and provide long-lasting benefits to people you care about.

At RideSouth, we also work hard to provide customers with our offering of nourishment for the body, and the soul. We seek the finest equipment from the most reputable suppliers to offer to you at our table. We welcome you into our home, not just on holidays, but every day. Your long term enjoyment and goal achievement is paramount in our preparation.

So, we welcome you to our table. If there is something you want, but do not see, ask us. We will try to get it for you. It may take some time. Good things often do, but if you trust us to serve you . . . well, that is the best blessing of all.

What’s Cooking

Saturday: Fresh oat bran Bread Ride at 8:00 AM. Leave your bike or trike to load on the RideSouth Bus or trailer for an early departure on Sunday morning for the Tanglefoot Trail Tour!

Sunday March 30: RideSouth Bus leaves for Pontotoc, MS at 7:00 AM for a 10:00 AM launch on the Tanglefoot Trail. Join us!

Next week: Fresh, new Hobie Kayaks arrive! We will have most flavors of all models! Reserve yours now!

We also have lot’s of leftovers (used bikes, trikes and kayaks) for you to consider! Sweet! They won’t last long!

RideSouth – The Way to Ride!

601 992-2490

RideSouth Tanglefoot Tour

RideSouth Tanglefoot Tour – Sunday March 30, 2014

The RideSouth tour bus is scheduled to depart for North Mississippi on Sunday, March 30 at 7:00 AM! We will drive to Pontotoc and launch on the great, new Tanglefoot Trail! We suggest you ride north to New Albany (about 19 miles), south to Houston (about 25 miles), or both (about 44 miles). Of course, you will need to ride back to Pontotoc to catch the bus home! We will provide drinks and snacks in the bus that will remain in Pontotoc until all riders have finished. Please time your tour so you can be back around 4:00-4:30 PM so we can make it back to the shop before dark.

The RideSouth bus can easily accommodate eleven trikes (with trailer), and 11 passengers. We will charge $20 per ticket, which is a lot less than you will pay for gas in your car! We have 10 seats available at this point. Make your reservations early if you are interested. We suggest you bring a sack lunch as there is a very limited number of eating places and time will be important if we want to ride a good portion of the trail. If you wish to join us and drive your own vehicle, let us know as someone may want to ride with you. We plan to depart Pontotoc around 10:00 AM, if you want to meet us there.

We hope our good customers up North will join us for this first Tanglefoot Tour since the trail opened late last year. We expect to see many trikes on the tour, but any bike is welcome. Make your reservation today, put on your RideSouth shirt and lets show the good folks up North that RideSouth is . . . The Way to Ride!

Signature Ride 2014: What it’s Like

Signature Ride 2014: What it’s Like

It starts weeks, or months before. Can I do it? Have I trained enough? What if I have to bail? All legitimate questions. This year, weather hampered training. One or two decent rides, maybe. No hills on the Trace. Sign up anyway.

The Friday night meeting brings anticipation. New faces and familiar supporters begin to relax (or rethink their decision) about the ride, as they have a beer and some great food from the Corner Bakery. All kinds of pasta and sweets to fuel their adventure are assembled in the shop warehouse area. There is always talk of weather, and alternate pick-up plans for the riders are made. With seventeen riders from the shop, seat space is at a premium if a storm hits.

Some of us optimistically lather on sunscreen in the dark at 6:30 AM. The quiet excitement is broken by the MHP motorcycles arriving to escort us. It is amazing that we were able to line up for pics, on schedule at 6:55 AM! Riders are ready, bikes are ready, support staff are ready. In an awesome spectacle of yellow jerseys, blinking red, white and blue lights, the sirens let the neighbors know we are off to ride . . . RideSouth!

Doc and Randy, our MHP Officers from the shop were awesome! No one had to unclip as the motorcycles zoomed back and forth to block all intersections, all the way to Florence! Perfect, guys! Thank you Captain Johnny and Captain Shows for organizing all of the excellent MHP support! Slower riders left early at the breaks and faster riders took a little longer. Recumbent riders moved to the right to let lighter, or stronger riders climb the hills, and upright riders obligingly moved to the right at the top of the hills (sometimes) to leave the faster recumbents a lane to do what we do . . . scream down the hills!

Lane was the perfect SAG and moral supporter, as usual! Thank you Lane! She had the RideSouth bus loaded with water, Powerade (no syrupy, blue Romulan Ale this time), and all types of snacks including tasty muffin bites from The Corner Bakery. Pastor Sartin had the Harrisville Baptist Church ready for us with doors open and coffee brewing. Thank you Pastor Sartin! We flew down the hill from the church thinking what could be more fun?

You begin to relax a bit and enjoy the scenery, at that point. Tall-eared mules look at you back. Goat farms, river bridges and tree-canopied roads have you thinking of summertime in the rural South. Short sleeves and shorts help with that image. The weather is overcast and nice for riding! We stop at the Pinola Baptist Church where the good folks there have left the doors open, snacks on the counter and water in the fridge! Thank you Pinola Baptist Church and Captain Johnny & Beth for arranging!

So much for relaxing, as the hills get your attention again. Up and down, through New Hebron and into Prentiss, with only a quick stop in the parking lot of the busy, New Hebron grocery store. Prentiss is a welcome site with Louis Reno offering a man-sized sandwich and fixings, to refuel on and get us on the way to Hattiesburg, ahead of schedule! Thank you to Louis for your great support! The ride could not happen without it! Louis even pulled Leroy’s kayak trailer he had purchased from us on Friday. Leroy and Bruce had ridden the return route up to the shop on Friday! We think Leroy could have pulled the trailer behind his CA-2 :-) ! Thanks guys for scouting the return roads for us! Also, thanks to all you Louisiana and Alabama folks for supporting the ride and helping to SAG along the way. Jim Lee helped Louis and Lane as well, and even got to ride to Hattiesburg only weeks after some major surgery. Thank you, Jim!

After a slow start from the huge meal, and cooling off, the trip to Hattiesburg was entertaining and fun. Some good talks and spirited chases made the trip seem fast. Lane and Louis had the excellent reception waiting in the hotel gazebo area, and a cold beer was a nice addition to the wine, sausages, cheese, muffins and left-over sandwiches. Folks took turns showering and we loaded the bus and shuttle vehicles for the trip home, on schedule! Riders making the return trip had no trouble sleeping after a great dinner at Cracker Barrel. Thanks to Laura and Doug for transporting us to dinner and transporting our bags back to the shop on Sunday!

The storm of the weekend, catered to our ride on both days by moving through in the night. The rumble of thunder and sound of rain was a welcome sleeping aid, that cleaned the roads and cleared the pollen. A big breakfast at the hotel, and the fast four, and this rider, were headed back to the shop at 8:30 AM, again in shorts and short sleeves. More great scenery on the return route with lots of local color. “What kind of bike is that, sir?” and other comments were common as we toured many Mississippi towns. This rider managed to miss a turn near Magee and had to ride a few miles on Hwy 49. Not recommended. Lunch at the Subway is recommended, however.

Rejoining the group at the Shell in Magee, we fought the crosswind again this year, and finally got to St. John’s Road where we were met by Lane and the RideSouth Bus. A welcome sight for everyone! We refueled and rode the scenic roads back to the Texaco, where Chad and Mike peeled off and went to Chad’s house. Lane followed us back to the shop through the heavy, Sunday afternoon traffic, where a cool beer waited! Everyone regrouped for cars and luggage and found that waiting beverage, still on schedule at 5:00 PM! A great Signature Ride weekend!

We appreciate everyone supporting the Signature Ride, especially those folks just riding on the Longleaf Trace. It was great seeing so many of our customers out enjoying their RideSouth purchases! We know you enjoy pushing your own envelope to ride longer and faster . . . without the pain, as we do! Maybe we can organize a Trike event from Hattiesburg next year? Whatever you enjoy riding, come join us again next year (the weekend after the time change) and help us to spread the word . . . RideSouth is The Way to Ride!