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For us Type II folks, cycling is really good news.

Jim and Mike- here’s my testimonial for you. It’s good news anyway, but for us Type II folks, cycling is really good news.

Dear friends,
I’m 55 years old and rode a hybrid mountain bike on and off for a few years. My first recumbent was a trike and I rode a good bit, but wanted to go faster and longer. So I traded it in and bought a CA2 in August of 2010 from Ride South in Brandon. It was comfortable from the beginning. My idea was to put 100 miles a week on the bike and I did that until just recently. Work and the weather have interfered with riding lately and I’m logging in less miles, but I’m hoping that will end soon.

I began riding because I can’t walk more than a couple of miles due an ankle problem and running is out of the question. Also, I began riding to relieve stress and maybe lose some weight while having a little fun too. Since August, I’ve lost 20 pounds, but the best news health-wise is my A1C diabetes level dropped in an October test from 7.5 to 6.5. Anything below 7 is out of the danger zone. I’m Type II. The test reaches back over three months, and I took the test after riding only two months. I’m thinking my next test, may yield even better results, “normal” results.

In summary, I feel better, having fun exercising, and my golf game has improved. I don’t know how that happened, but I’m thankful. I love the CA2- wonderful bike- it has helped me enjoy life with better health all round. I like zipping around the landscape of the Natchez Trace and other bike trails in my area too- it’s a fast bike and when I get more fit, it’ll be faster!

The Rev. Scott Lenoir

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