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Thanks for the wonderful relationship!

Buying a bike is easy.

You can go online.

You can go across town.

Or you can go out of state.

In the end… all you will have is a painted steel frame with wheels and a seat.

The wheels will roll… but the experience will not turn into a wonderful relationship like we have enjoyed with Jim and Lane at RideSouth.

Jim is a motivator, a counselor and a friend… and Lane is a consummate cheerleader.

Ann and I value our relationship with the Sniders and RideSouth. When we need advice on how to ride… where to ride… or what to ride, we know that the best counsel will come from Jim, without even the slightest hustle to buy.

For me, the proof of what I gained by riding a recumbent is in the results: Weight loss exceeding 170 pounds in just a year – and a fitter, brighter and more exciting outlook on life that comes with the joy of riding a recumbent from RideSouth – and new-found experiences on the Natchez and Long Leaf Traces with my bride of 33 years and the prospect of some great cycling vacations ahead.

There are two good reasons why RideSouth remains a 12 year institution in Flowood. Jim and Lane Snider: people who put friendships first.

Blake Wilson
Brandon, MS

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