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NOB Ride Report: 2010

BentLovers & Friends

Those of you who choose not to participate in some of our events must get tired of glowing ride reports, so get ready for another one. This year’s Natchez or Bust Ride was the best ever! The 7:30 AM launch time with the Bread Ride crowd was awesome! Thank you to Drez for leading the Bay Ride group and keeping the shop open! Everyone chose their route for the day and off we went on a picture perfect fall day. The temperature went from 60-80 during the NOB ride, making shorts and short sleeves the perfect uniform. The wind picked up a bit in the afternoon, providing a fun game of catching the falling leaves as we cruised down the trace at a comfortable pace for all. Lane was awesome, providing drink and food at all the right places!!! Thank you, Lane!!! We encountered the usual motorcycle groups at Rocky Springs, staring at our bikes in silence (after turning off their noisy machines)! One fellow did brag about “biking” to Nashville. Quite a hump, he said. I told him that two of the cyclists in our group had made the trip as well. End of conversation . . . we had to get on the road again.

The last third of the trip proved equally entertaining as the hills surprised a few folks. With lots of help from Lane and the pickle jar, we replenished the depleted sodium and forged ahead to arrive at the showers within about 20-30 minutes of each other. Lane served red wine and cheese to refuel a bit, and we loaded up the vehicles to head to the restaurant. More anti-oxidants came in the form of world class Bloody Marys that were garnished with huge olives, green beans and citrus fruit. Everyone had something different and it was all eagerly consumed. There was a football game on the big screen that provided some ausome entertainment, for a couple of us anyway!

After the fantastic meal, we decided to make this event concurrent with the hot air balloon festival next year. This means you can mark your calendar for the NOB Ride on the third Saturday in October! We also are encouraging those who can, to plan to stay overnight and get to know Natchez a bit better. We will still offer the shuttle back though. In fact, the ride back usually proves entertaining along the trace, as critters are lurking around almost every bend, and the full moon was gorgeous! I believe I heard Michelle crying wee wee wee, all the way home . . . in the other vehicle! We hope all had as much fun as she seemed to, and will return next year! Thank you Doug for planting your truck at the park on Friday!! Maybe we can ride with you TO Jackson next year! Thanks to all for joining us!


BIRTHDAY CHALLENGE RIDE: NOVEMBER 6, 2010 The Must-Do event for everyone!!!!!!!

A long, but entertaining read that we don’t necessarily agree with:

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