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Danger on the Bike Trails!

Yesterday, March 17, 2011 we spoke with the responsible party for the constant water on the bike trails on Northshore Parkway. The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District built the trails and are responsible for the maintenance. We spoke with Mr. John Sigman, the director, at 601 856-6574. We had to go through two secretaries to get to him. Mr. Sigman agreed to address the problem right away. We documented workers today, March 18, on the trail trying to deal with the seepage and repairing a water leak at the site of Lane’s and the other cyclists accidents last Sunday. There is still water on the trails in many places, as there has been for years, even a week after rains. Until this problem is corrected for good, we strongly advise that you do not use this portion of the trail. If you want further information, please call Mr. Sigman.

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