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Weekday Rides are Back!

We are starting the Sunrise Series and Sunset Series Rides back this week. If you are interested in finding someone to ride with during the week, be at the shop on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays for a 7:30 AM launch (shop will be closed till 10:00 AM except Mondays, till 1:00 PM), or at the Reservoir Y (Lakeshore Park) on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a 6:00 PM Launch. Routes and speed are decided at launch time, so be prepared for a mixed group that may, or may not, stay together! There will be plenty of motivation, so put these rides on your calendar and accelerate your fitness program!

We need your feedback for the Biathlon Series we have done in the past. The events combine cycling and kayaking in a timed event on Saturday mornings. Please let us know if you are interested again this summer by return email. Generally, we find a couple of Saturdays in June & July to organize the races. If we have enough folks to commit we will work on it, otherwise we will continue the Bread Rides through the summer, as usual.


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