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Ride Report: Memorial Weekend Rides

BentLovers & Friends

Flags waving, wheels rolling and folks smiling… that was the theme throughout the weekend! We had rides Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday… about 170 miles total! (See group pics of the rides on Saturday and Monday on our web site.) Thank you to all who joined us! Thanks to Lane for securing the barbecue, beans, chips and special Flag cookie for the celebration after the Pelahatchie Ride on Monday! It was a welcome treat after a nice relaxing ride through Rankin county.

The Saturday Bread Rides are getting hotter! More folks are coming out for the morning rides to get in their workout before the afternoon heat. We will have good weather tomorrow for the 7:30 AM launch. Since Lane is out of town visiting her sister, we need a ride leader for the Bay Ride. Please let us know if you can help.

Our thoughts continue to be with Jan Morgan, the cyclist hit by a car near West Point last week. We wish for her recovery, and justice for the negligent driver. There are numerous articles in the Starkville papers. Please wear bright colors, use lights and have mirrors on your bike. It might help. Report cellphone using drivers when you can. You may save a life.

Please Ride Safely!

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