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ROAM (Roll Over AMerica.eu)

BentLovers & Friends

Over the years, we have tried to emulate the oak tree by continuing a slow growth process. A new branch of our business involves velomobiles, a car alternative for many folks on our planet. We have been riding and testing different velomobiles for almost a full year, and find many advantages and uses for these unique machines. We are continuing the testing process on a cross country tour that you can follow here www.rolloveramerica.eu.

Even though we will be gone for 4 weeks, the shop will remain open through most of August for your needs. We appreciate your patience during this time and hope that the knowledge and experience we gain from this adventure will help us continue that growth, so we can serve you better. We are also working on changes to our web site to help us help you better. Hopefully, those changes will appear soon. Here is a press release for ROAM


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  • Nancy Johnson July 31, 2011, 12:21 PM

    Hope the ride is going well. I was so happy we could see you off in Portland before I returned to FL….glad you are riding north.

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