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July 4th Weekend Plans

BentLovers & Friends

Celebrate our independence as a nation and your car independence with three bike rides this weekend! On Saturday, choose from our, more fun than usual, Bread Ride at 7:30 from the shop, or a Longleaf Trace Plus Tour from Prentiss with Michelle and Company. Bring a picnic lunch for refueling after the 80-100 mile ride. Michelle plans to launch by 7:30 AM.

Sunday, plans are to ride from the shop at 7:00 AM to Pelahatchie and beyond. We plan to return before three PM with routes planned through Shiloh and back. Monday, Lane will be back to lead the 7:30 AM Bay Rides and we also plan to have a longer ride, maybe to Yogi, or around the Rez, for those wanting more independence!

Have a safe holiday!

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