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Recumbent Cycle Convention

Sometimes you really miss stretching out on your comfortable recumbent bike, especially when your legs are folded up between extremely cramped airline seats for hours at a time! That is the going rate for attending the first ever recumbent cycle convention in progressive California, when you live in Mississippi. At least we got to ride many new machines from almost all the recumbent makers, gathered from all over the world, and had some excellent presentations from folks wanting to grow the recumbent market. A banquet last evening prompted some discussion about many aspects of our business, and got the juices flowing of over 70 enthusiasts. Everyone there vowed to come back next year!
Hopefully we will have some exciting new products to show you very soon. There is a quad kit for the Anura and the new Magnum, by Greenspeed. We also noted lots of adaptive cycles and accessories that are sure to help those who have special needs do more with their cycling time. We even hope to have some representation from RANS, Bacchetta, Hase and Greenspeed at the upcoming Birthday Challenge on November 5 this year! All of these folks know of your passion about recumbents and want to be a part of our growth! So put the Birthday Challenge on top of your list this year! We will be back at the shop Monday to stretch out a bit and help you do the same. Thank you for your patience while we were gone!

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