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Mississippi Coast Ride

The toughness of Mississippi folks is evident in the restoration of the coastline and coastal cities after devastating attacks from mother nature. There is no better way to see the new beauty of this area than laying back on your recumbent trike, or bike, and having Captain Johnny be your tour guide! We will have rooms reserved at the Knight’s Inn in Bay St. Louis for $49.95 for Saturday and Sunday nights. Arrive Saturday evening and get a good night’s sleep in preparation for riding all day Sunday. After breakfast at the Waffle House next door, we will be escorted by Captain Johnny and Beth Rawls through city streets and bay vistas. We will ride along the ocean front, cross bridges, stop at popular spots and return to the hotel by dark . . . maybe, for some great mexican food nearby. If you can spare some of the day Monday, stay and get in some more miles on the bikes before re-joining the rat race.

There will be no cost for the ride, but we need a commitment to reserve the hotel rooms on the selected dates. The stopping points will be announced and riders can stray from the group to rendezvous later. We will all stay in touch by phone to assure everyone makes it back safely. If this sounds like your cup of tea, please respond by e-mail as soon as possible. We have discussed a scouting tour for this ride on Sunday, November 13. If you are interested in the ride concept and/or the scouting tour, let us know. This will be a laid back ride for sure! If you live in the area and want us to drop by for dessert, we would welcome the opportunity :-). As there are many competing events taking shape during this time of year, we would like to hear from you of your plans to attend any of the rides we offer.

On another related issue, our new website look was designed to offer a place for a rider forum to communicate better information about impromptu rides of our customers. We are testing the feature and working on the details. We hope to activate this week. You will be able to post your ride plans for others to see and respond to. We are offering this as a customer service for our customers to make it easier to find a riding partner. Keep checking our site for the unveiling!

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