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Biggest Birthday Challenge Ride Ever! This Saturday!

This Saturday, November 5, 2011, will be the biggest Birthday Challenge Ride ever on the Longleaf Trace! Hundreds of our friends plan to take advantage of this perfect riding weather to challenge themselves to do a little bit better than they did last year. Many newbies will be taking their bikes and trikes out for the first time on the LLT, and most are apprehensive about their performance . . . for no reason! The only people who fail at this event are those who choose not to show up because of that anxiety!! This is a fun event put on by the LLT Birthday Challenge Committee to challenge folks to keep getting better as we get older. We all want that!

So, plan to arrive with your bike, helmet and a bit of water at 8:30 in Prentiss, MS. Register with the nice folks at the trail head, make a fair contribution to the cause, get yourself a red ticket for the give-a-ways at the 3:00 PM drawing (including a bicycle from Ride South!) and line up for the massive 9:00 Launch. There will be some ceremony, a few announcements, photos and a grand launch on the best Rails-to-Trails project in the country! Seek your own pace and visit with folks along the way. There will be plenty of stops for you, including fluids, snacks and restrooms. Take your time, enjoy the fellowship, and before you know it you will be half way! Then the question is “Do I continue for some more miles, or kilometers, to grow on, or head back for the festivities?” Whatever your choice, the support will be all along the trail and the awards will be yours when you return! Please let the folks know you have finished and be rewarded with a cool medal! The event coordinator says there will be red beans and rice available when you finish.

We would like to thank the Birthday Challenge committee and all the folks who will volunteer along the way to make this the great event it is! We have had folks from as far away as Canada come down to ride their challenge in past years! We at Ride South enjoy offering this mass start to everyone to help grow the sport of cycling, and provide motivation for us all to never be satisfied with mediocrity. Hope to see you all on Saturday!!

You can also register online at mylongleaftrace.com

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