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Mini-vacation on a bike!

BentLovers & Friends

Sometimes we look back over the photos we made of you when you purchased your bicycle or kayak to remind us of why we are in this business. We enjoy, again, your joy and hope, of fun and adventure with your new purchase. It remains our hope that we have contributed, in some small way, to that hope being realized. We invite you to visit the gallery on our website to remember how you felt at that time and maybe, still do!

If you need some encouragement, come out and join us for a weekday morning ride, a Saturday Bread Ride, or any of our annual events. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, folks leave the shop at 7:30 AM for about a two hour relaxing ride in the Bay area. The Saturday Bread Rides are a mix of laid back routes and some spirited routes that leave you breathing hard! Sometimes on Sundays, there are long and short rides scheduled. We occasionally even get in a kayak event, or two, in the summer.

So, at least recall your ambition for the Ride South purchase you have made by looking back over the photo gallery. Better yet, schedule the mini-vacation-like ride to get your brain relaxed a bit. Or even better, set out on a bike riding vacation! We can outfit you with the bikes and gear! We hope to see you soon!

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