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Hobie Kayaks on SALE!

We have many 2018 Hobie Pedal Kayaks on SALE NOW! We have most of the models on the floor for your pleasure on the body of water you choose! Spring is here in Mississippi this week and the kayaks will be exiting the building soon!

Focus on the Feeling!

The kayaks and bikes we sell stimulate all the senses. Gliding along silently in the dawn mist, up a secluded slough, appeals to most ears. The Hobie Mirage Drive is the key and your hands are free. Pedaling my recumbent trike down the Natchez Trace, all alone, is a similar spiritual experience for my ears. The visual beauty of Nature is abundant and often one can even smell the freshness in the air. The taste of cool water after a workout adds to the sensory experience.

But the real treasure one gets from our kayaks and bikes is the Feeling. The feeling of sitting in a comfortable chair, looking straight ahead, and gliding over the water or landscapes. The feeling of your body, devoid of any painful pressure points, moving your spirit toward new and exciting adventures. There is nothing like it. So, the magic happens when your transport allows focus on the important aspect of getting from A to B . . . how it feels. Then you can really enjoy the ride!

Come by today and try one out!

45 Reasons to Ride a bike in 2019!

A December to remember!

This December will usher in our biggest push to move inventory EVER! We have cruiser bikes, hybrid bikes, recumbent bikes, recumbent trikes and road bikes that HAVE to find a place under your tree! We even have kayaks as low as $300! There has never been a better time to visit RideSouth . . . ever! Don’t wait until Saturday, though. We have been known to jump early for our previous customers!

Birthday Celebration Ride Saturday!

Tomorrow, Saturday November 3 will mark our 20th year of business! RideSouth is only as good as our customers, you! We hope you will join us in Sumrall, MS tomorrow at 10 AM to ride the fabulous LongLeaf Trace! Make your way to Hattiesburg (17 miles) or head out towards Prentiss for any mileage you wish (it is 25 miles if you go all the way to Prentiss). If you wish to challenge yourself, ride your age . . . either in miles, or kilometers. Note that the multiplier is 0.62 miles per kilometer. So if you are 100 years young, you will only need to ride 100 kilometers/62 miles! A piece of cake!

It is a great ride if you choose to ride straight to downtown Hattiesburg. We think ALL of our customers can ride 27 kilometers/17 miles, have a rest and nice meal, then ride the 17 miles back. We have included a link below to help you navigate the short distance from the end of the trail to a popular spot we like, Bianchi’s Pizzeria. There should be no hurry as Southern Miss has a game at 2 PM and folks should be clearing out by the time most of us get there. My Living Earth weather app says the weather will be 60 degrees at launch time and rising to 71 degrees around 1PM with FULL SUNSHINE! Bring sunscreen, lunch money and come to make a great day of riding and fellowship!

The shop will be closed on Saturday but we will be available by appointment this Sunday. If this is your only weekend to secure your next bike or kayak, send us an email indicating the time you wish us to be at the shop and we will accommodate you! We encourage EVERYONE to join us on Saturday, no matter what you ride. We will have some long and short sleeved tee shirts in Sumrall if you cannot make it by the shop today.

Downtown Hattiesburg route from the end of the trail:

Pull this up on your desktop, might make a better screen shot from there.


RideSouth . . . the Way to Ride . . . .for the NEXT 20 years!

Some pics of our bikes as of 10/1/18

Here are some pics of bikes on the floor today. Some are new, some are used. Please come by the shop to get the best price! Inventory changes daily. Be sure to click on the YouTube button at the right to see videos of past Birthday Challenge Rides! Remember the Birthday Celebration Ride on November 3, 2018!

Natchez or Bust Extreme Ride Postponed

We have decided to postpone our record-breaking 24 hour all-trike relay ride down the Natchez Trace to a future date. We have had too few chances to get our group together for the necessary training due to schedules, illnesses and injuries to attempt this in November. We are eyeing another event next May to test our riding and organizing ability . . . on a slightly smaller scale! Stay tuned for updates on all of our events on www.RideSouth.com.

For the next few weeks, we are going all out to move bicycle and kayak stock out the door! We will be posting a listing, and pics, of our used inventory soon. We will be headed to the Recumbent Cycle Convention on October 10-14, and the shop will be closed while we are there. We will be bring back deals on new demos, you can be sure of, so help us make room for them, and save money on the bike, or kayak you have been looking at now! We will getting in NEW KAYAKS in October as well!

We would like to hear from you if you would like to revisit the Birthday Challenge theme on the LongLeaf Trace around November 3rd, or Nov. 4th. It was always fun in the many years we participated. We will plan it if enough of you will commit! Remember, the challenge was to ride your age in miles, or kilometers. Please indicate your preference for a Sunday or Saturday event and whether you will plan to ride. We will make a final decision based on your response when we return from the RCC on October 15th.

Thank you!
RideSouth . . . Still the Way to Ride!

Bread Ride Cancelled this Saturday!

Bread Ride Cancelled Saturday

The Rise & Shine Bread Ride will be preempted this Saturday, September 8, by many of us riding in the Cancer Ride from Clinton. We still plan to open the shop at 1:00 PM for those of you wanting to take advantage of our many bike and trike specials!

Thank you to our supporting fans who braved the elements to ride with us on the Tammany Trace this weekend! We honored our commitment at the Abita Springs Brewery to those who flashed our colors and rode our bikes. The different beer flavors were awesome, especially the StrawGator!

If you are riding a trike this weekend, be sure and seek us out at the start. We hope to have a number of fast trikes doing the 50 mile ride! Should be fun! Hope to see you on Saturday morning at the Cancer Ride and Saturday afternoon at the shop!

RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride!

Abita Brew Ride this Sunday, September 2!

BentLovers, BrewLovers and Friends!

Our first Abita Brew Ride is this Sunday, September 2! We are riding the shady Tammany Trace, which runs through Abita Springs, LA. We are looking for all of our RideSouth customers to get out on this Labor Day weekend to enjoy the Tammany Trace AND the Abita Brewery! In fact, if you show up at 2:00 PM at the Abita Brewery, riding a cool RideSouth bike you purchased from us, AND have on a RideSouth shirt from any of our numerous events in the past, we will buy you a brew! At 2:30 we will ease down the Trace towards Slidell and enjoy the Sunday afternoon. On Monday, Labor Day, we plan to ride some more from our hotel in Covington, but the schedule is not prearranged.

We hope you can make this event and bring your friends! What a great way to relax from our work and play on our bikes! Remember to wear your RideSouth shirt, ride your RideSouth bike you purchased from us and we will help you relax with a free beer . . . our way of saying Thank You for supporting our shop!

We will have our long running (almost 20 years) Rise & Shine Bread Ride this Saturday at 7:30 AM from the RideSouth shop. Please launch from the shop as sometimes we take another route and do not go to Kroger. We will have fresh, hot oat bran bread after the ride, as usual!

We have a few kayaks left until our next shipment in October! There are great new products from Hobie this year you will want to see! We also have a huge inventory of used recumbent bicycles that need a new home! Get your deals on these bikes while we have them!

Link to ABITA BREWERY. not the pub!


RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride!

Abita Brew Ride: Labor Day Weekend

Abita Brew Ride: Sunday September 2

Abita Springs is located on the beautiful Tammany Trace in Louisiana. This Labor Day weekend we are traveling to the area to ride and sample the brews at the Abita Visitors Brewery! If you show up riding a RideSouth bike and wearing a RideSouth tee shirt or jersey from any of our past events, we will buy you a brew! Just be at the Abita Brewery at 2:00 PM on Sunday, September 2 wearing your RideSouth colors and have one on us! After the meet and greet, we will ride towards Slidell and back. We will plan a meeting spot and time on Monday morning, Labor Day, to ride some more on the Trace. Lane & I will be traveling in our car and staying in Covington at the Southern Hotel. Your travel and accommodations are up to you. Come join us for a great event, some good brews and great fellowship!



American Winter

American Winter

As temperatures climb across the Planet, tomorrow, Wednesday, July 18, we will have a slight reprieve! A front slides South and will bring us cooler weather. We plan to take advantage of this and ride up the Natchez Trace at 7:00 AM from the Overlook. Bring your riding buddies and join us for the launch! Personally, I plan to make my birthday miles and be back in the shop to open at 1:00 PM. Your mileage may vary, but it will be a good day to enjoy the Trace!

We would like to thank Rich Winter, of Verve Magazine, for an excellent article on our shop. You can find a digital copy of the article here https://www.vervesouth.com. Rich is an excellent writer and we hope you enjoy the article and photos. You might just be in one! Thanks to all of our customers for helping Rich see that RideSouth is “The Way to Ride!” We hope to have copies in the shop soon!

On an additional note, we have placed an order for more Hobie Kayaks. If you have interest in one that is not on our floor, please call TODAY to secure the boat of your dreams in the upcoming shipment next week!

Thank you!

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