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100 Years: Celebration Ride


One hundred years ago, today, my Dad was born. Of course, his struggles beginning in 1919 were very different than those our kids and grandkids face today, and I am grateful, with my very existence, that he made it through 77 years of those struggles. The question on my mind today is, will the kids today feel the same about us after their struggles in the coming years?

So, how does this philosophical pondering relate to selling bicycles and kayaks, one might ask? Perhaps it should be incumbent on us parents to stay in better shape so our kids won’t be burdened too much to take care of us in our old age. Perhaps we can convince our kids and grandkids to ride and paddle with us, to strengthen the bond. Or perhaps, if kids are not in the picture, we just want to feel like one again!

To that end, RideSouth has managed to accumulate a HUGE inventory of Recumbent Trikes, new and used! We MUST reduce that inventory before the end of this year to repay loans! We will be offering deals, BEGINNING TODAY, on NEW Greenspeed Magnums we have in stock, we will include either a neck rest or luggage rack, a mirror post and clamp with mirror, a water bottle cage and water bottle, AND a rechargeable light kit! That is over $300 worth of accessories, free! This deal will last until November 16, or we run out of bikes!

Why November 16, you might ask? On November 16, we will have a CELEBRATION RIDE on the LongLeaf Trace. The plan is to ride from the Hattiesburg Gateway to Sumrall and back, finishing at the Southern Prohibition Brewery in downtown Hattiesburg. There, we will celebrate ALL of our customers with a round on us! After the celebration, some may find food at local restaurants or ride back to the Hattiesburg Gateway. Plan to launch at 10:00 AM from the Gateway. The distance to Sumrall is 15 miles, but you can choose any distance that suits you. We will try to meet at the brewery by 1:00 PM, so you can figure your distance and speed better.

This day and time, reasons to celebrate are hard to come by. We continue to celebrate our family and you, our customers! Thank you for supporting us over the years! Please pass the word along so your friends can take advantage of the deals we have everyday! Their kids and grandkids will appreciate it too! We hope to see you soon!

RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride!

Hot Tea & Bread Ride Saturday!

BentLovers and Friends

There will be a chill in the air Saturday, making for a great Tea and Bread Ride from the shop at 8 AM! Plan for a spirited ride towards the Flowood YMCA, but taking a side trip up and down East Metro Parkway in Flowood. We are not going through the Y parking lot because of the congestion, so the Metro loop will give us a few more miles with a bit of elevation! As Lane will be in Texas visiting family, I will have to time the ride to open the shop at 10, and prepare the bread and tea for you! Hope you can join us!

We have a good supply of all brands of trikes, new and used, as well as a fresh batch of new Greenspeed Magnums and GT-20s!! There are some clearance items you should check out along with two last Hobie Kayaks. We have the Swedish Kingfisher fishing kayak on display as well! It will fit in your car! A stable, fast kayak everyone can use! Also, be sure to check out the Jobe SUP on display. Stand up paddling is the current rage and this board is the best!

Remember . . . RideSouth is the way to ride and now it the time to do it!

[email protected]
601 992-2490

Shop is Full!

The RideSouth shop is full of Bikes, Kayaks and even a Stand up Paddle Board. We brought back some exciting new products from the Paddlesports show in OKC! And, we brought them back in our car! So, if you are cramped for space, live in an apartment or just don’t want to buy racks and trailers, we have the ultimate, modular, roto-molded, hard shell, 11′ fishing kayak for you! You can even pedal it just like your recumbent trike!

If you are land-locked, we have some new trikes for you to consider that will take you ANYWHERE! Want to go through the thickest terrain or glide down the highway, we have the machine for you! You will see that recumbents are taking over and we have some great deals on new and used machines while they last!

Customers are riding early mornings to escape the heat almost every day of the week. We have re-started our regular Bread Ride on Saturdays and are planning new adventures for you in the coming months. We hope you will visit us soon and see why we always say . . . RideSouth is The Way to Ride!

Bread Ride variation , and NEWS!

Bread Ride Saturday: Variation, and NEWS!

Tomorrow at 8:00 AM we will launch from the shop and ride around the Bay, counterclockwise. That is, through the neighborhoods along spillway heading toward 471. Lane, myself, nephew Tyler and Danielle will stop at my daughter’s house in Bay Pointe, off of 471 for a brief visit before returning. All are welcome to join us for all or part of the ride! We will have bread at the shop at 10:00, when we open.

The RideSouth shop will be CLOSED most of next week, August 26-29. I will be attending the Paddlesport Retail show in OKC to select a new kayak line for you! Lane will be on call if you need something in the shop while I am gone. We are excited at the prospects and know you will be interested in what we find at the show! We have ONE Hobie left, an Oasis tandem! As soon as it sells, we will put all Hobie accessories at 50% off! Don’t miss this!

We will return Thursday evening and plan to be open Friday and Saturday. Next Saturday we will revert to the popular Bread Ride route to the Flowood Y. New trikes are arriving regularly and leaving almost as fast! We like the new look the shop is taking and hope you do too! Come see us and remember . . . RideSouth is the Way to Ride!

[email protected]
601 992-2490

We have some news concerning kayaks! It was more than twenty years ago when we took a chance on selling kayaks. We brought in a new entry in the market that was previously unknown. It was a little like our recumbent bikes, but for the water. We invested heavily in display, marketing and promotion of this brand and watched as the brand grew in the kayaking market. We brought in other brands that sold well, but we stuck with the brand that we began with.

Earlier this year, this brand decided to “expand their distribution channels”, contrary to their policy since we have supported them. Yet they asked us to warranty products that consumers bought online. We declined to agree and we have parted ways. In fact, had we been told this last fall, we would not have ordered the last order of thirteen kayaks.

Now, it remains that we have nine kayaks to sell and a number of accessories. Many of these are the latest models. We will be selling at our cost until they are gone. Of course, we will honor any warranty claims as will the manufacturer. Please visit our shop soon to get these deals.

We will remain in the kayaking business! In fact, we have our eyes on a great brand that offers everything you want to move about on the water! We are very excited at the prospects and will be disclosing details in the coming weeks!

We realize things change with time. But Integrity is something we value above all else, and remains constant with us. Our customer relationships are equally important to us. Our bicycles and our kayaks have had a connection with each other for years and we aim to continue that relationship for those of you that spend recreation time on the roads and the waterways! Thank you for supporting us still!


Memorial Day Sale!

The RideSouth shop will be closed Saturday (tomorrow) for our Trike-A-Rama Ride in Slidell, LA! However, we will be OPEN ON MEMORIAL DAY! If you are interested in a Hobie Kayak, we are having a close-out sale on ALL KAYAKS on MONDAY ONLY!! You can SAVE 15%, or more, on kayaks in stock when you show up in person. Sale items must be paid for with cash or check to get the maximum savings. This sale is MONDAY ONLY!! We will be open 9-5 Memorial Day.

Greenspeed CEO Ian Sims has died

It is with great sadness that we report on the passing of Ian Sims, known to most of us as the founder and CEO of Greenspeed Trikes. Ian was a great innovator and leader in the Human Powered Vehicle movement in Australia and beyond. A genius in many respects, Ian brought many Greenspeed trikes to the world market, including the popular Magnum and Aero. He visited our shop many times and it was a pleasure, and a challenge, trying to keep up with his forward thinking and innovative ideas. Ian was the featured speaker at our Recumbent Rally and Convention and was well received by everyone. Greenspeed has been a mainstay for our shop for over twenty years, and Jerome Hediger, the Greenspeed distributor for the USA assures me the company will continue and trikes will be available. We are deeply saddened for Jerome, all of the Greenspeed family and especially Ian’s family and friends in Australia. We hope Ching and the rest of his family find some comfort knowing they have spent quality time with such a great man. Ian died today with complications from liver cancer.

Ian pilots his Glyde at the Rally

Flowood learns about recumbents!

Ian showing off the production Aero

Working together in the shop

At the Rally

Please visit us on Wednesday for some deals on kayaks!

Spring Fling: Ride Report

Spring Fling: Ride Report

It has been a while since our last cookout, so here is a brief report on how it went. Near perfect! The weather was perfect Friday night, with a slight breeze keeping the smoke from the Hasty Bake away from the guests enjoying the MANY flavorful dishes. All were offered by our customers to go with the beast burgers, veggie burgers and salmon burgers from the grill. Even some local business people from around the shop could not keep away from the aroma, and were welcomed.

Many thanks to Robert and Katrina for providing fresh slaw, beans, potato salad and buns! Beverly and Richard brought flavorful dips, carrot cake and awesome healthy salad all the way from Baton Rouge as well as a case of beer! We are planning a road trip to Baton Rouge to reciprocate, so let us know if you are interested! Thanks to Sandra, Louis and all the other guests for decorating and helping to clean up after. Lane made some awesome burgers and brownies that were a definite hit!

Saturday, we launched from Sumrall at 10:00 AM under overcast skies and pleasant temperatures. Shorts and short sleeves were perfect attire. Many trikers with yellow RideSouth jerseys decorated the LongLeaf Trace, some for the first time! Some folks elected to drive to Hattiesburg and ride towards us, which worked out great! Louis noticed Lane had a low tire and we repaired it in just a few minutes at a rest stop.

Riders arrived at the Southern Prohibition Brewery in shifts, minutes after they opened at noon. It was only then that we discovered that the pizza oven was not in operation! So, we recharged on a variety of beers and sodas which, for my part, was very enjoyable! Try the flight of four beers when you go! It took a couple of flights for me to decide the best, a grapefruit tasting pale ale, I think! It is worth redoing this when we have time to do the tour!

The weather on the way back was the same and everyone made it back to their destination safely! We even got back in time to see our alma mater play well enough to go to the National Championships! But, it was not to be 🙁 But, it was really good to get out and enjoy the day with customers on cool bikes! Thank you to our customers for supporting our shop and continuing the tradition that RideSouth IS . . . The way to ride!


Remember our Spring Fling Ride this weekend! We will fire up the grille at the RideSouth shop around 5:30 PM. Come early and play some low key doubles table tennis on the table in the shop and have a beer on us! The weather promises to be mostly clear for Friday night and Saturday on the LongLeaf Trace. We will launch at 10:00 AM from the Sumrall Gateway, heading towards Hattiesburg. Rumor has it that some of us will make a beeline to the Southern Prohibition Brewery by 12 noon to recharge on high voltage beer and pizza! They are expecting us! Of course there are other recharging stations in the area, too! Since we have no takers for the bus, everyone is responsible for their own transportation, as well as food and drink.

We will have a few veggie burgers, many beef burgers, and some are bringing fish burgers to put on the Hasty Bake charcoal grille tomorrow night. We plan to have chips, dip and potato salad as well. All are welcome, we just need a head count TODAY! The RideSouth Shop will be CLOSED on Saturday so we can participate in the fun! If you just HAVE to get your new bike or kayak this weekend, call and leave a time on Sunday for us to meet you! We will accommodate!