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Event extension and SALE!

Trike-A-Rama X-Tension

BentLovers & Friends

We had such a good response to this year’s Trike-A-Rama, that we are extending the event on May 19 and May 20! Since Mother Earth chose to cry a bit on Earth Day, we will try again to ride the Longleaf Trace on Sunday, the 20th. We will do the Trike-Around at PineLake on Saturday, if there is interest. Otherwise, we will ride the Bay Area, or cross the Spillway into Ridgeland. We hope to gather folks interested in the NOBX for a training ride on the Longleaf or the Natchez Trace, too. This might be a good time to plan for the Natchez or Bust X-Treme in November and get some miles in!

We have a huge stock of trikes and bikes in stock! All of our new and used two wheel recumbent bikes are on sale! We even have a couple of personal models we will offer! Don’t miss out on these! There are new and used Hobie Kayaks on the floor that need a new home! The new Hobie Compass is only $1949! Come check out all of our kayaks, starting from $400 on Evoke kayaks! The weather is here for outdoor fun! Let us help you get the most out of your time on the trail, or the water!

RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride!

Trike-A-Rama 2018 Agenda

Hello TrikeLovers and Friends!

We are excited to plan our second Trike-A-Rama for you! Here is an agenda of the weekend activities:

Friday, April 20, 6:00 PM: We will have a social at the shop with good food, beer, wine and fun! If there is interest, a little table tennis tournament might be fun, so wear your tennis shoes!

Saturday, April 21, 8:00 AM: We will organize a ride around the beautiful, Pelahatchie Bay and Fannin area for most folks. We encourage everyone to decorate their trike to celebrate Earth Day! The official Earth Day is Sunday and you can use your decorations on that ride, also!

Also on Saturday morning, for folks wanting to go fast, we will transport trikes to Pine Lake Church for another fun Trike-Around! We will do a few laps around the 1 mile loop with a timing set-up to record your best times! Here is a partial list of times from last year. Can we do better??

Trike-around Times

May 27 2017 Best times

Billy Owen 2:17
Jim Snider 2:36
Louis Reno 2:43
John Crews 2:45
Matt Brown 2:48
David Read 2:57
Ivan Redford 3:25
Wanda Redford 3:38

Sunday, April 22, 8:00 AM: The RideSouth bus and trailer will depart to Sumrall, MS to launch on the fabulous LongLeaf Trace at 10:00 AM. Folks can head to scenic Llama Land and turn around to head for Hattiesburg for lunch. Faster riders can go into Prentiss and try to beat the rest of the group to Hattiesburg! After all have refueled in Hattiesburg, we will make our way back to the bus to reflect on a great weekend of riding and fellowship on the way back to the shop. What better way to celebrate our home . . . the Earth!

Happy Earth Day!

Trike-A-Rama 2018

Trike-A-Rama 2018 April 20-22

We will have our Trike-A-Rama this year on Earth Day Weekend! The three-day event was a big hit last year! We plan a social on Friday evening at the shop, a special Saturday Ride and the main event, a Longleaf Trace Tour on Sunday, Earth Day! We have the bus ready to take all of you AND your trikes to Sumrall on Sunday to save on gas! The social will be at 6:00 PM Friday, the Saturday Ride will be at 8:00 AM and the bus departure on Sunday will be at 12:00 Noon (or earlier if requested by all!) Of course, all Earthlings are welcome! Come join us and do something nice for our Earth!

RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride



As our friends in the SouthEast face extreme flooding and coastal storms, our friends in the SouthWest face record heat, and our friends up north face record cold, we at RideSouth are still open for business! In fact, as we continue to cook our planet, we are cooking up some extreme deals until the weather gets to an old normal again . . . for a while.

We will have two tables set up with accessories marked down 40%, or more! As you grab a box full of bargains, we will place ten new items on the table EVERYDAY! We plan to have the first batch priced and ready for you Saturday, February 10. Take advantage of some great deals on quality accessories that you can use. We will also have some used items including a large stash of tires on the tables.

We have put out a few messages on the Natchez or Bust Extreme (NOBX). We are working on all the planning necessary to make this an epic adventure. You can keep up-to-date on our website www.ridesouthevents.com. We need more riders willing to make history in November! Yes, it will take some work, but the reward will be worth it! Our first Training Ride will be March 3. The average distance for each rider between 90 minute rest periods will be 28 miles. The more riders we have, the easier the 28 miles will be for each rider!

We are also working on a date for the Trike-A-Rama again this year. If you have a suggestion, please respond to this e-mail. It was a great 3-day event last year!

Remember, extreme is the new normal in most things these days. Those that learn to tackle these extremes head-on will have a better chance of surviving! We plan to be in that group, do you?

RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride!

Cycling . . . a right or a priveledge?

Riding a bicycle on streets and most highways is a right most all of us have. Conversely, driving a motor vehicle on those same byways is a privilege that can be removed. This distinction deserves some thought from cyclists and motorists alike.

First of all, let’s get past the obvious “dead right” comments and state that any right can be abused; so caution and intelligence should rule when any right is exercised. We have the right to free speech, but mouth off at the wrong time and see where that gets you!

Driving a motor vehicle requires a license. There are certain requirements that must be met and maintained to continue to have that privilege. Unfortunately, caution and intelligence can be lacking here as well. Consider all the dangerous, distracted drivers!

The repercussions of abusing your right to ride a bicycle on streets and highways are generally not as severe as abusing one’s privilege of operating a motor vehicle dangerously. One can do a great deal more damage with a two-ton loaded weapon moving at any speed than with a relatively lightweight bicycle and rider.

The conversation gets more interesting when you consider the accident in San Francisco when a cyclist plowed into a pedestrian, killing a 70-year man who was crossing the street. The cyclist was charged with vehicular manslaughter, convicted and given community service requirements as a sentence. This is the first case of such a ruling, ever!

Now every cyclist is guilty of blowing through residential stop signs and many will run a red light or two, usually hurting no one. And, there are thousands of cases where privileged, reckless motorists have injured, or killed cyclists who were properly exercising their rights. There is some irony that most of these motorists are not prosecuted, or even charged with wrong doing, and the one case of a cyclist causing a death is dealt with using swift justice!

So, should cyclists have a license? Should reckless drivers be charged and convicted? Is it ok to drive distracted? Who should have privileges and who should have rights? Maybe all we cyclists can do is remind those motorists who question our use of “their” roadway that we have that right, and driving on “our” roadway is a privilege to them . . . and they should not abuse it.

Of course, as responsible cyclists, we should slow or stop at stop signs and never run red lights. Always use caution on the roads, be visible and ride as if you are invisible! Yes, it is our right to ride a bicycle almost anywhere . . . and we should consider it a privilege.

Inventory Reduction Sale!

We have at least 100 bikes and kayaks we do not want to carry over to our 2018 inventory! Come by the shop THIS WEEK and see if there is a fit for your desires and we will do our best to send it away with you! There are new and used bikes and kayaks for you to consider. Call and make an appointment anytime before January 2 for your best deal! Start your year off right with us!

NOB Extreme Ride – Nov. 2-3 2018

NOB Extreme Ride – Nov. 2-3 2018

For many years, RideSouth Recumbents has sponsored the Natchez or Bust Ride (NOB) from Jackson, Mississippi to historic Natchez, Mississippi. In the past, the ride has launched from the RideSouth shop and finished at the Natchez State Park, a few miles outside of Natchez. To celebrate our 20th Anniversary of serving the recumbent faithful, we are announcing the Natchez or Bust Extreme Ride that will launch from Nashville, TN and finish in downtown Natchez, MS. The Extreme part of this ride is that the group will all be riding recumbent trikes . . . and the ride will take less than 24 hours to complete!

We will publish details of the ride on our RideSouth.com page, and eventually on our RideSouthEvents.com page. Basically, we wish to recruit similarly sized, fast trikes that will form a team to help traverse the 444 miles of the scenic Natchez Trace Parkway in one day! On Friday evening at 6:00 PM, a group of riders will launch from the famous Loveless Cafe in Nashville, switching out with others as necessary along the way, and finishing with all riders at the Natchez National Historical Park Visitor Center in Historic Natchez on Saturday evening. Each rider will rotate in small groups every mile marker, or join the SAG buses for rest, refreshment or repair as needed. Riders will also take turns with bus duties so no additional SAG personnel will be required.

Preparation for this event will include several rides on the Trace during the upcoming year. At least one of these rides will be at night. Times and locations TBA. RideSouth will furnish lights and jerseys for all NOB Extreme riders to achieve uniformity and visibility. No fairings, tail boxes or racks should be on your bike as we will have to pack and store bikes quickly on the trailer during the ride. Maximum rear wheel size should be limited to 20” for the same reason. RideSouth will provide walkie talkies for all riders to communicate with other riders and buses for safety. We anticipate charging $100 to help with expenses and secure your spot in this history-making adventure. Please respond now to [email protected] to indicate your interest in the NOB Extreme Ride on November 2-3, 2018.

[email protected]
601 992-2490
105 Avalon Court
Brandon, MS 39047

Shop Full!

2017-11-01 11.36.51
2017-11-01 11.37.07
2017-11-01 11.37.38
2017-11-01 11.37.22

We have Hobie kayaks, bikes, trikes and accessories in every nook and cranny of the shop! Check out our growing inventory of used bikes and trikes as well!

The Hobies are coming!

BentBoatLovers and Friends!

Our long anticipated shipment of brand new Hobie kayaks will be here this Friday! We will be unloading Friday afternoon and hope to have them all ready to load on your vehicle immediately! We will have plenty of the exciting new Hobie Mirage Compass kayaks that sell for $1949 plus shipping! This is a great new price point for a stable, pedal driven fishing boat that is sure to increase your catch! Of course there will be some Pro Angler 12s and 14s for you professional fishermen and fisherwomen!

For our BentLovers and Friends, we will plan to have the Rise & Shine Bread Ride and include Round th’ Rez for you folks who have been asking about this popular route. The Rez route will leave from the shop no later than 8:00AM and not stop at Kroger to save time. Of course other routes will also be available, as always! Hope to see you all here this weekend for some fun!

We will postpone our Natchez or Bust ride until another day as rain is expected in Natchez on Saturday. We will plan more trips on bikes in November and December, so stay tuned!

RideSouth . . . The way to Ride!
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Organic Electric Motors

“Do you have a V-8 in that thing?” This was the question asked when I coasted past about 50 cyclists down a slight hill on a benefit ride recently. Yes, a few of them caught up to this heavy rider on the next uphill to ask the question. I explained that I was just coasting and drove home the point pedaling past them on the next downhill. I did not see them again to see if they understood the aerodynamics of the Aero trike yet.

I confess, my naturally fast bike was powered by a vintage 1948 two stroke organic electric motor, definitely not a V-8. Not in the best running condition either mind you, but still, just organic fuel powering neurons and muscles on the original equipment manufactured (another, more notable OEM!) motor. No fossil fuels or fossil-fueled electricity consumed for 50 miles of fun and safe transportation!

Non-organic electric motors for bikes are becoming more sought after by many nowadays. We have sold them and will sell them again. Some have compelling reasons for assist and some just want a free ride. For all, we encourage you to get on a recumbent bike, or trike, and ride it multiple times before you decide to go electric. The combination of increased power and decreased drag you get with recumbents may well allow your own organic electric motor to get you to your destination, in style! And that is good for yourself and your Planet!