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The Hobies are coming!

BentBoatLovers and Friends!

Our long anticipated shipment of brand new Hobie kayaks will be here this Friday! We will be unloading Friday afternoon and hope to have them all ready to load on your vehicle immediately! We will have plenty of the exciting new Hobie Mirage Compass kayaks that sell for $1949 plus shipping! This is a great new price point for a stable, pedal driven fishing boat that is sure to increase your catch! Of course there will be some Pro Angler 12s and 14s for you professional fishermen and fisherwomen!

For our BentLovers and Friends, we will plan to have the Rise & Shine Bread Ride and include Round th’ Rez for you folks who have been asking about this popular route. The Rez route will leave from the shop no later than 8:00AM and not stop at Kroger to save time. Of course other routes will also be available, as always! Hope to see you all here this weekend for some fun!

We will postpone our Natchez or Bust ride until another day as rain is expected in Natchez on Saturday. We will plan more trips on bikes in November and December, so stay tuned!

RideSouth . . . The way to Ride!
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Organic Electric Motors

“Do you have a V-8 in that thing?” This was the question asked when I coasted past about 50 cyclists down a slight hill on a benefit ride recently. Yes, a few of them caught up to this heavy rider on the next uphill to ask the question. I explained that I was just coasting and drove home the point pedaling past them on the next downhill. I did not see them again to see if they understood the aerodynamics of the Aero trike yet.

I confess, my naturally fast bike was powered by a vintage 1948 two stroke organic electric motor, definitely not a V-8. Not in the best running condition either mind you, but still, just organic fuel powering neurons and muscles on the original equipment manufactured (another, more notable OEM!) motor. No fossil fuels or fossil-fueled electricity consumed for 50 miles of fun and safe transportation!

Non-organic electric motors for bikes are becoming more sought after by many nowadays. We have sold them and will sell them again. Some have compelling reasons for assist and some just want a free ride. For all, we encourage you to get on a recumbent bike, or trike, and ride it multiple times before you decide to go electric. The combination of increased power and decreased drag you get with recumbents may well allow your own organic electric motor to get you to your destination, in style! And that is good for yourself and your Planet!

New Construction

New Construction

It is always exciting when we begin working on something new. Whether that new thing is physical, emotional, spiritual, motivational or just plain brick and mortar. Today, we are announcing an addition to our Bike Park at RideSouth. Construction begins this week on a Bike Stop, or bus stop like structure, adjacent to our bike test track which was completed last year.

The Bike Stop will offer some shade and seating for folks waiting to test ride bikes on the track. It will also offer a staging place for events in the future, as well as a platform for some solar collectors to power planned trail lights and timing electronics for trike testing. We hope to be complete with this project by August.

Another new thing at RideSouth is that we have the latest new construction model of the popular Greenspeed Magnum. We are finishing assembly of our first one today. Be sure to come by and test ride it and all the other bikes we have on display. We also have the new Hobie Camo Pro Angler 12 on the floor today. It will not be here long!

You may have new construction going on in parts of your life. Change, it seems, is in the air these days. We can react to it, or we can cause it. We continue to search for ways to progressively cause positive change in ourselves and in those lives that we touch at RideSouth. We will be open for business this weekend and are planning rides almost every day through the Fourth of July holiday. We hope you will join us!

Trike-a-rama 2017 Agenda

Trike-a-rama 2017

Trike-a-rama 2017 Schedule of Events

Friday May 26: 5:00 PM Aero Workshop RideSouth Shop

Saturday May 27: 8:00 AM Launch Bread Ride from RideSouth Shop – Wirtz/YMCA Route

Saturday May 27: 10:00 AM Launch Trike Around at Pine Lake Baptist Church on Lakeland

Saturday May 27: 11:30-12:30 Chick-fil-A Lunch at RideSouth shop

Sunday May 28: 8:30 AM Bus leaves RIdeSouth shop for Sumrall, MS

Sunday May 28: 10:30 AM Sumrall Gateway LongLeaf Trace Hattiesburg for Lunch Ride

Sunday May 28: 4:00 PM (approximate) Bus leaves for return to RideSouth shop from Sumrall

Sunday May 28: 6:00 PM (approximate) Bus arrives at RideSouth shop

Monday May 29: 9:00 AM Memorial Day Ride from shop to Madison, MS on bike lanes/trails

Monday May 29: 11:00 AM Lunch Break at Renaissance Shopping Center

Monday May 29: 12:00 Noon Regroup at Renaissance Fountain to ride back together

Monday May 29: 2:00 PM Arrive back at RideSouth Shop! Happy Memorial Day!

Cost for Event: $30 Includes Lunch Saturday, Transport to Sumrall, Tee Shirt and Water Bottle. Lunch in Hattiesburg and Madison on your own. Tee shirts are nice but limited so please sign up early! Please let us know if you can help with the event. Thank you!

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105 Avalon Court Brandon, MS 39047
RideSouth Recumbents, LLC
105 Avalon Court
Brandon, MS 39047
601 992-2490

Trike-a-rama 2017 Invitation!

Click here for a special invite to our upcoming event on Memorial Day weekend!

Special Invitation for you!

Trike-a-rama coming soon!

RideSouth will sponsor the first Trike-a-rama ever! Join us on Memorial Day weekend for a three day event and an aero workshop on Friday afternoon! We will publish details soon, but plan your trip to the Jackson area for an event you will want to participate in! If you need a steed to ride, we have almost 40 trikes in the store and more arriving soon! There are three wheeled bikes for everyone and for every reason! Visit our showroom soon!






AZUB Visit Tomorrow!

AZUB Visit Tomorrow

Sorry for the short notice, but one of our trike suppliers will be here from the Czech Republic at 9 AM for a couple of hours. They will have the new Ti-Fly trike to show off. If you would like to come, please let me know tonight!

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Hattiesburg for Lunch Ride

This Saturday looks to be a good day to ride on The Longleaf Trace into Downtown Hattiesburg for lunch! We plan to launch from Sumrall at 10:00 AM on Saturday morning. It is less than twenty miles, so everyone can do it on your trikes or bikes! The bus will leave the shop by 8:00 AM, so be there early to pack your steed on the trailer. The bus will depart from Sumrall around 4:00 PM, so plan your eating and riding accordingly! If you live in the area, please let us know of a couple of good lunch destinations. We plan to close the shop for the day, but will be here on Sunday if you are traveling from out-of-town. Please let us know if you will be taking the bus. There is no charge for the ride, but bring your lunch money, water, sunscreen and plan for a fun day! Weather looks good for shorts! Don’t you just love the Southern Winter weather these days!

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Things you can’t do while cycling

Things you can’t do while cycling

Successful cycling requires focus. There are many stationary objects on the woodland trails that will interfere with your progress, if ignored. Though fewer in number on the lanes and roads, some of the objects there, move . . . and may even come after you! A wandering mind here may find itself in a heap of trouble.

Today there are many important things to wonder about, for sure. Our Planet, Country, Family, Work and Home – all need thought and all need action, just not while cycling. Our Health, Education and sometimes our general Attitude could use a boost also. But cycling is not the time to concentrate on those areas, normally. The only direction we can directly influence while cycling is the direction we and our bike take. And it is that direction only, that directly determines the outcome of our safe adventure.

Yes, there are many things you can’t do effectively while cycling. We think that should be on purpose. In fact, recumbent riders know there is one more unnecessary distraction we can, and do, avoid . . . Pain. There is no butt, back, neck or wrist pain to take away from your cycling enjoyment. So, we are free to set our direction, and directly influence our outcome, without any distractions other than the symphony of our own lungs, legs and heart . . . being directed by our own bicycle, through another safe and fun adventure.

We like adventure cycling. We like the places our country’s roads and trails can take us. In fact, we have a new map showing them, that covers a whole wall in the shop. We have bags, trailers, camping gear and other gear that will help you along. Of course we have bikes, trikes and velomobiles that are perfect for any excursion, anywhere. You will just have to leave your other worries behind because that is one thing you can’t do while cycling!

RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride!



“He was afraid to go home because the man with the mask was there.” You may have heard this riddle sometime in your past. If you haven’t, the answer is below. Most folks, of course, “want” to go home. It is normally a place where we feel safe and in control. Many have more than one home. Some feel at home in their work environment or their play environment. Whether at the office, the gym, paddling a kayak, or riding a bicycle, you may have that peaceful and secure feeling that being home offers.

Unfortunately, some folks do not have a place to hang their hat. Their home is literally where their heart is. We are saddened to know just how many of these fellow Earthlings there are, and the number is growing daily. Many folks who have a home are finding it threatened, like the Americans in North Dakota. So, where do you feel most at home? Is it playing a game, reading your Twitter or Facebook feed? All of these pastimes have a “home” designed to make you feel good. How about baseball? There is one time when you might be afraid to go home in that game! (See above.)

The bottom line of this message is that we want you to feel at home here at RideSouth. This is one of our “homes” and we want to share it with you. As we have grave concerns about the future of our planetary home, we are considering adding solar power to our shop. We hope you will look into solar power for your home or business. We are inviting you to our business home these next few weeks to see what changes we have made, and to take advantage of the many sales we have going on to clear inventory. We hope you like them and that you too feel at home here! After the holidays, we are planning a customer appreciation party, so please stay tuned for that announcement!

We truly appreciate ALL of our customers over the past nineteen years and hope to continue serving you and your friends for many more years! So, don’t be afraid to visit our home! We will make you feel welcome and help you find what you are looking for! Happy Holidays to everyone!!

RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride!